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He stays in Badlock, a painting that sucks people into it and it's also where Count Harken lives.

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Grandma Bone, The Stacias, The Bloors, Zelda, Asa, Billy.

charlie doesn't get his dad and billy gos back to bloors

Billy Raven is an eight-year-old albino orphan who lives at Bloor's Academy for the first few books, then is allowed to go home with his friends on the weekend. Billy is accused rightfully of being a spy for the Bloor's, but is turned around in the fourth book and becomes an ally for Charlie Bone. Billy is endowed and can understand and speak with animals.

Yes he is, but maybe your thinking of harry clearwater, charlies best friend, he isn't in a wheelchair, only billy is.

Yes, Charlie Bone saves Billy from the painting. I heard that In the 8th book (Charlie Bone and the Red Knight), Billy gets a home.

The 76th Academy Awards were hosted by Billy Crystal.

Billy Crystal hosted the 2012 Academy Awards.

well the characters are; charlie bone, uncle paton, the other yewbeams, the bloors, masie Jones (charlie's other grandmother), Amy bone (charlie's father), billy raven, fedilio gunn, Olivia vertigo, Emma tolly (emilia moon), Julia ingeldew, asa pike, the dog that billy talks to (cant remember his name), and other children of the red king (please add on more if I've forgot anything.

Charlie Swan tells Bella in Twilight that Billy Black bought her truck in 1984

The Main characters are Charlie Bone,Emma Tolly,Tancred Torrson,Billy Raven,Paton,Grandma Bone,Amy Bone(Charlies Mom),Gabriel Silk,Asa pike, Manfred Bloor,Lysander,Olivia Vertigo,Benjamin

Billy Burke plays Charlie in the Twilight movies.

Charlie Swan's real name is Billy Burke

Billy Burke played Charlie Swan in the film Twilight.

No but his parents adopt Billy

billy tells him that bella had been leading jacob on.

Billy Burke plays Charlie Swan (Bella's dad) Gil Birmingham plays Billy Black

Charlie, Olivia vertigo, Billy Raven, and the "Red Knight".

Yes this is the last book. Charlie and the gang will most likely A) destroy the Shadow and B) have Lyell Bone, Charlie's father, to remember where the deed to the academy is. It is speculated that Billy Raven will be rich and own Bloor's Academy, as the deed originally belonged to the Ravens. The series will be over and the book has been released.

He is attending the funeral ofHarry Clearwater. Husband of Sue, and father to Seth and Leah. He was, as well as Billy, Charlies best friend. Edward misinterprets it when Jacob says, "he's at the funeral" and he thinks that it is Bella's, causing him to go to 'The Volturi'.

Billy Burke plays charlie

Yes, Billy Burke does play charlie in New Moon.

Bella had been leading Jake on, he'd finally had enough.

The 84th Academy Awards will be Billy Crystal's 10th time hosting He has hosted the: 76th 72nd 70th 69th 65th 64th 63rd 62nd 60th

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