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yes, you should. because if you passed it the next time it will still be on your transcript but it will not count.

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Q: In college should you repeat any classes that you may have failed?
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How many failed classes to get held back?

All of them; try not to.

What college classes should you take if you want to be a F.B.I profile?

You will need a law or justice major and need to take the classes the college requires to graduate. Get a college catalog and talk with a counselor on what to take and when.

What classes should you take to get ready for college?

Music and a foreign language looks good on a college application

What college courses should one take if they want to become a Holistic Health doctor?

If you are going to a holistic college, they have a program already lined up. If you are in a regular college, you should take nutrition classes and any classes like anatomy and physiology.

What classes should you take in high school or college to prepare for the baseball career?

There are no classes for baseball you just have to excel in the sport.

What college classes should you take to become a Forensic Anthropologist?

... you must go through about 13 years of college...

What college classes do you have to take to become a chef?

You should go to culinary school.

Should I take community classes?

Community college classes are great for someone who is undecided on a major. You can get a lot of your general education requirements out of the way if you are planning on attending a 4 year college in the future. Be sure that whatever 4 year college you do plan to attend accepts the classes you are taking at the community college.

Take the Easy Route?

Taking biology classes at any college can be intimidating and difficult. A lot of biology courses at large universities are designed to cut students from the field. These classes are required to fail out a certain percentage of students. To avoid being failed out, a student should try pursuing his or her degree in biology online.

What happen if you fail sciene the first and second semster in middle school?

It depends on your school. You should talk to your teacher or guidance counselor. Most schools may require you to make up the credits in a summer school program or you may need to repeat the failed classes next year.

What history classes should i take in high school to get into a good college?

i would probably try to take AP classes or more European and outside Studies classes

What classes should you take to get an associate's degree?

The ones required by the college that grants the degree. Your academic catalog and your adviser should be able to lay out exactly what classes are required and what option you have.