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It can be the offspring or children of a person or used as a mild expletive.
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When did England become known as England?

England was first known as England at the time of Alfred the Great 871 AD to 924 AD. The English came to England as raiders in around 449 AD known by the Catholic Church as Adventus Saxonem or the Coming of the English. But it was not until Alfred The Great that the English started to form their own ( Full Answer )

Who is the president of England?

England itself does not have a president or a prime minister. Onthe other hand, the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, andNorthern Ireland) does have a prime minister. But its head ofstate, who is the equivalent to a president, is Her Majesty QueenElizabeth II. This is because the UK is a con ( Full Answer )

Who colonized England?

Answer The Beaker peoples, later waves from the continent, various Celtic tribes, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Danes, and various proportionally smaller numbers of other groups looking for a better life. It was also conquered by the Romans and the Normans, but more as overlords than colonisati ( Full Answer )

What in England?

Answer . mostly christian and athist but people have come from all over and now its all diffrent.

Where is England?

England is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain andNorthern Ireland, a country situated off the North West coast ofFrance in Europe. Longitude: from 6 degrees West to 2 degrees East. Latitude: from 50to 56 degrees North. Western europe in the North Sea

What is England?

England is a constituent country of the United Kingdom; it is located on the island of Great Britain (the largest island in the British Isles).

Is new England a part of England?

No, New England is the name of the region in that is basically the northeastern corner of the Contiguous United States, east of New York.

What does England Monarchy do?

England is a constitutional monarchy That was originally only a Monarchy when it was a Monarchy the king or queen within certain parameters was pretty well able to do what they liked. however as time wore on more and more restrictions were placed on their authority until now the parliament voted for ( Full Answer )

What is the religon of England?

A form of Christianity/Catholocism called "Anglican", or commonly referred to as the "Church of England" yall gay

Where is granite from in England?

Granite is formed by vocanic activity. It can be found in Cornwall, at Mountsorrel in Leicestershire, the Lake District (Cumbria), etc

What is England bordered by?

England is bordered by Scotland to the north and Wales to the east. The coastline of England borders the North Sea, Irish Sea, St. George's Channel, Straight of Dover, Celtic Sea, and the English Channel.

Cuisine in England?

There are many foods that make up English cuisine. Some of thesefoods include breads, fish, meat pies, sausage, deviled kidneys,scones, and lamb.

What represents England?

Big ben, tea, the London eye, the gherkin (the building not the food :p), the beatles, red buses

What did Elizabeth do for England?

she allowed a latin book to be printed and letter mary place churches also made england strong for 45years

Are there forest in England?

There certainly are.. The largest forests are in the north and in Scotland. The most famous is Sherwood Forest which has been largely chopped down. The New Forest in the south was the private hunting forest of the King.

What counties are there in England?

Bedfordshire . Berkshire . Buckinghamshire . Cambridgeshire . Cheshire . Cornwall . Cumberland . Derbyshire . Devonshire . Dorset . Durham . Essex . Gloucestershire . Greater London . Hampshire . Herefordshire . Hertfordshire . Huntingdonshire . Kent . Lancashire . Leicestersh ( Full Answer )

Why is England called England?

Because among the tribes from Northern Europe to settle in most of Britain, the biggest group was the Angles, so they called their new home Angle-land. The country of England got its name from a Germanic tribe that migrated there in the fifth century AD. These Germans called themselves Anguls or Ang ( Full Answer )

What can you do in England?

England is full of fantastic things to do, though of course tourists are advised to plan to work around the weather! Here are a few highly recommended activities: . Visit London, the capital city of England, though not necessarily home of British culture! London is perfect for "shopaholics" there ( Full Answer )

When did England convert to the church of England?

Under the reign of Henry the eighth, who wanted a divorce from his wife, Katherine of Aragon. . The Church came first to Britain some months after the Crucifixion of Christ in 37AD. That is if we can believe the Bishops of the Medieval Councils of the 13 & 14th, Centuries! It was simply known as th ( Full Answer )

Is New England actually England?

New England is a regions of America that was named after thecountry England. The country of England is found in the UnitedKingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Are England and New England the same?

No, England and New England are very different. England is a constituent country of the United Kingdom and many people think England and the United Kingdom are the same and interchangable, but this is not true. New England is a region in the United States including the states of Connecticut, Maine ( Full Answer )

What does England have?

well England has lots of places. London is the capital city and in there is the big ben, tower of London and the river temes. England is a well known country

How did England become England?

One of the first peoples to live there were called the Angles. Theplace they lived in became the 'land of Angles', or 'Angleland'.With simplification and mispronunciation, this was shortened toAngland; with new spelling, England. The Romans preceded the Anglesby several hundred years!

How long has England been England?

England first emerged as a unified state in the tenth century, though various rulers had claimed overlordship over the whole country since the seventh. The name derives from the Angles, one of the Germanic peoples (the others being the Saxons and Jutes) who settled in Britain from the fifth century. ( Full Answer )

Is tennis from England?

Yes it is from U.K. and is basically developed by Harry Gem and his friend Augurio Perera

Is England awesome?

Of course England is awesome, it has some of the best attractions and theme parks ever, including ranges from Thorpe park and Alton towers to the London eye and the London Dungeons. Overall, England is Awesome My Answer: I got to see and touch some of the important items from history in museum ( Full Answer )

Are there Protestents in England?

Yes, of course. There are Protestants living all over the world. Many religions and churches have fallen by the wayside in England, leaving it harder to find a church to attend in England, but yes, Protestants do exist in England.

Why immigrate to England?

Because everything is free for immigrants. Only people who are born here have to pay for anything.

Is there NCIS in England?

If you are asking about NCIS as an investigative agency, it is notin england but the europe &africa field office in naples italycovers the whole of europe If you are asking about the NCIS TV show, it is aired in England inFX, CBS Action, Five and Five USA TV channels

Does England have beetles?

England is home to several types of beetle, from the AsparagusBeetle to the Woodworm beetle.

Can you be a footballer in England?

There are no Professional American Football Leagues in England, but there are amateur leagues. The BAFL (British American Football League) for Seniors Consists of 3 Divisions. The BAFL Premier, Divison 1 and Division 2. The BCAFL (British Collegiate American Football League) is a league for Univers ( Full Answer )

What is the climate of England?

The English Climate is mild. I remember learning it geography about 10 years ago!! Hope this helps and don't improve my answer!!!

Is Kobe from England?

No. Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He moved to Italy with his family when his father played professional basketball in Italy. Kobe Bryant moved back to the United States when his father finished his career.

Why was England named England?

After the Romans left Britain a group of people from northernEurope Called the Anglo Saxons Came across and settled in thecountry naming it Angleland overtime this has come to be know asEngland.

England The Salisbury Cathedral in England?

Salisbury Cathedral is located in England: 33 The Close Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2EJ, United Kingdom I have been multiple times and enjoy the Cathedral and tour thoroughly

Is New England in the England colony?

The Puritans left the country of England to settle in the New England region of North America. A large majority of the early settlers of New England were of English descent.

What does the government of England do for the people of England?

The government of England regulates how much money is allocatedto each sector e.g.: Transport, Public Sector, Health, Educationect. Decides what rules are put in place to protect children andyouths. And overall decides how the country is run.

Are the New England Patriots from England?

No. The term New England applies to the northeastern states that were among the original English colonies in America. It is still used to describe the region. The team's name references the "patriots" who were those who fought the British in the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Originally they were ( Full Answer )

Where in England is the church of England located?

The Church Of England is not a place, it is a religion; It's a branch of Christianity, much the same a being a Roman Catholic or Baptist. The Church of England, was created by King Henry VIII so he could Divorce is first wife, Cathrine of Aragon, and marry his second, Anne Boleyn. As the Pope would ( Full Answer )

Does the England flag represent England?

The English flag (St George's Cross) represents England. The Union Flag (sometimes called the Union Jack) represents all of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and is an amalgamation of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (St George, St Andrew and St Pa ( Full Answer )

Is England the size of New England?

No. New England would be larger than England. New England is about66,507 square miles. England is about 50,346 square miles.