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In french how do you say i have got a?

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"I have a" in french is "J'ai une"

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I Dunno It But ans = Got

The way to say I got a toy in french is j;ai eu un joue

avais quel-que choses?- got something?

If it is "I got married" then you say "Je me suis marie", if you say "You got married" then it's "Vous vous etes marie" ... Hope that helped.

absolument (Got it from Google Translate)

Obtenu ce en français.

I have got a toothache is " j'ai mal aux dents " in French. If this is a severe, painful crisis, you would say " j'ai une rage de dents ".

Did you got it? l'avez-vous obtenu? Did it arrive? Est-elle arrivée?

I have one brother translates to French as 'J'ai un frère'

j'ai un chat - I have a cat

Nous avons obtenu de style.

Sorry hun, but you'd be lying if I told you.

The number 12 is douze in French. That's where English got the word dozen.

will you go out with me is translated 'est-ce que tu voudrais sortir avec moi ?' in French.

Cause they did now what you got to say about that world

the best I got is eye cover which is couverture d'oeil

Quel sera, sera. what will be will be in french is - ce qui sera soyez i should know this as i did gcse level in french and i got a* hehe =) xoxlozixox