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As long as it is not against your employment contract, it is possible. You do not have to continue working there either.

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Q: In idaho can an employer cut your pay down to minimum wage?
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What was the minimum wage for idaho in 2007?

Idaho uses the federal minimum wage.

What is the minimum wage in Idaho?

The minimum wage in the state of Idaho is $7.25 an hour, the same as the federal minimum wage. This minimum wage was enacted in 2007.

What is the minimum wage that an employer has to pay a restaurant employee?

The Minimum wage is 7.50 as far as I know

What if tips don't equal minimum wage?

In the UK tips have nothing to do with minimum wage. The minimum wage has to be paid by the employer. Tips are not a part of that.

What is a sentence with the word minimum wage?

You must pay employees a minimum wage.The minimum wage is the lowest amount of money you can legally pay someone.The company was shut down for paying migrant workers below the minimum wage.

Can an employer decrease you wage in Texas?

Certainly, but not below the minimum wage.

What is the minimum wage in Idaho 2006?

$5.15 per hour.

Can an employer in Montana decrease your wage?

Nothing below State Minimum Wage, but yes.

What is the minimum salary wage?

Federal government regulates that an employer must pay at the minimum salary wage of $7.25/hr

What should the Florida minimum wage posters include?

Florida minimum wage posters should have the state minimum wage information. An employer is required by law to post this information.

Can Nevada employer pay minor less than minimum wage?

No, minimum is minimum no matter what age.

Are minimum wages necessary to protect the interests of the employee or the employer?

Actually, the minimum wage helps to protect both the worker and the employer. The minimum wage acts as a guideline for the employer so he can assess what other employers are paying for unskilled work. As the complexity of the job tasks increase, the employer can raise the remuneration in order to retain the more experienced workers. The minimum wage aides the unskilled worker in that it helps to protect him from employer exploitation.

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