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In jak and dextar who is ashlins mother?


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2008-12-30 21:02:01
2008-12-30 21:02:01

no one really knows but she died before Jak came to Haven City


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debby debby Mother Jak was Edward VI's wet nurse

Jak 1: 15 Jak 2: 17 Jak 3: 18 Jak X: 19

No it don't it goes Jak 3, Jak X then Jak 4 (Jak 4 is the Lost Frontier)

the game gives it to you when you go to haven forest and hunt down metal heads which dextar gets you into. just so you know sig sends you into the forest so keep an eye out for it because the jetboard is cool . this is a shout out to Mrs. butlers class and this is said to by Bryan

jak 1: 16 In jak 2:17 years,jak 3: 18 years,jak x:19

Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy. Daxter. Daxter 2. Jak 2 Renegade. Jak 3. Jak X combat racing. Jak and Daxter the Lost Frontier.

The first "Jak and Daxter" (Jak and Daxter: the Precursor Legacy) came out in 2001.

Depends how you count them these are the titles Gamespot has listed on the related link: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Jak Triple Pack Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Jak X: Combat Racing Jak II Jak 3

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Yeah, they are the last Light Jak power

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jak and daxter the precursor legacy, Jak2, Jak3, Jak combat racing, jak and daxter the lost frontier

Keira is 1 year younger than Jak. So, in Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy she is 14, in Jak 2 she is 16, in Jak 3 she is 17. And in Jak X she is 18. I hope this answers your question thoroughly.

amazon has Jak and Daxter for the PS2 for less than $11 They also carry many other titles like Jak II and Jak 3 and Jak and Dexter The Precursor Legacy

No. since jak and daxter happens in the past and jak was born in the future and where send to the past where jak and daxter happens.

Daxter is one year younger than jak. Here are the ages of Daxter :) 20 (TLF) 17 (Jak 2) 18 (Jak 3) 19 (Jak X) 15 (TPL)

There is no Jak 4. Just like Crash Racing was not part of the numbering arc, Jak X was a spinoff kart racer that is not numbered in the series. Jak 5 is not announced. its jak the lost frontier. its t ba

well i don't think so, because jak x combat racing is after jak 3. so i don't think so. but the game is called jak 4 the lost frontier.

Daxter is one year younger than Jak.:Here are his ages from the past games.20 (TLF)17 (Jak 2)18 (Jak 3)19 (Jak X)15 (TPL

Jak Housden was born in 1969.

Blak Jak was born in 1983.

Jak Airport was born in 1955.

hell year he is a bit like dark jak but he can shoot out lazers from his hands

There isn't,that's just the title for Jak 2 in Europe.

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