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In love with a married man who separated does he love metoo he keeps staring at you?


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First of all the word married means he is still taken, it is like saying I'm just a little pregnant. There are dangers to taking a liking to a married man. If he has any feelings for you it is not love. It may be love in the re-bound. However I am a bit confused with your question. Did you mean he is staring at you or me?? I don't hold much respect for a man who is married and looking and sayind he is going through a divorce. You can never know the history to that married person. My advice when in doubt do without it may just save you heart ache, and time. There are plenty of men out there with no attachments...don't follow your heart it may just be the very thing that will decieve you because we are emotionl to begin with honey...ask yourself what kind of a relaitonship are you looking for really?? A man who is taken is not a healthy choice ..hope it helped.

My answer:

It's quite likely that he finds you attractive, though I would not go as far as to say he is in love with you unless he has shown more specific signs such as wanting to talk with you or just be around you whenever he can. Usually when a guy stares at a girl it's because he finds her attractive, but don't you loose your dignity, or anything, over him just because he may like you. I don't know where his current relationship is, maybe they just need a break and will end up back together or maybe they are divorcing. Of course you are probably the best judge for you situation, but I think it would be good to wait until you know if he is looking around, or if he's just taking a breather, otherwise you would be committing adultery by going after him while he's still married. He may be lonely and looking for an easy catch, unless this has been going on for more than two months, in which case it may be your lucky day. If you are seriously interested in him and know that he will treat you properly, and not take advantage of you then I encourage you to flirt and all that, but keep it soft and mysterious. Men like a challenge so if you want to get him and keep him coming don't reveal too much about yourself voluntarily, let him work for it. There is a lot you can learn about how to effectively flirt with, catch, and keep your man if you just take a little time to research. I hope you get the love and happiness you deserve! :)