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A teaspoon holds 'about' 5 ml, so the spoon would need to be 1/5 full - but, for such a small amount of medicine it would be safer to use a pippette (dropper) where you would be able to measure 1 ml more accurately.

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What is the full form of teaspoon?

Table spoon

What is the best medicine for heartburn?

The way to get rid of heartburn is to swallow a spoon full of mustard. when your going to eat the spoon full of mustard don't try to taste it if you don't like mustard.

What is spoonfuls?

A spoonful is a casual measuring term that literally means the amount that can be held by a spoon. The spoon most often cited in recipes is a teaspoon, which should be full and slightly rounded.

Does a spoon full of sugar make the medicine go down?

Indeed, in the most delightful way!

How much is 1 teaspoon of vanilla?

If you don't have a teaspoon measuring spoon, use the lid of the bottle. On a 1 or 2 ounce bottle of vanilla 2 full cap fulls will be about right.

What is one full teaspoon?

one teaspoon full of water is 5 ml

What is the full form of MBDCH?

Bachelor in medicine diploma in child health

How much liquid will a teaspoon hold?

a teaspoon full

Is a full teaspoon lever or is it heaping?

just my experience/opinion.... A full teaspoon is a leveled off teaspoon....if the recipe calls for heaping then I heap it on. hope this helps

What is heaping teaspoon?

one teaspoon that is full and that is not leveled....hope the helps :)

How much of a teaspoon is 5gm?

5 gm of water is a full teaspoon

Does a spoon full of sugar really make the medicine go down?

Well, it helps eliminate the bad taste in your mouth Previous Answer: ya sugar is good

What do you do to help a cough?

you could; swallow a spoon full of honey every morning or take cough medicine or sleep on your side at night. I hope these cures work for you!!

What is the teaspoon full name?

a 'tsp' means a level teaspoon full of some cooking ingredient which is the same as 5 ml.

How do you give a dog medicine?

Put it in there food or open there mouth and push it to the very back of there throat and touch there nose. If that doesn't work put it in a spoon full of butter.

What are the rules to the Cinnamon challenge?

Cinnamon Spoon Full the spoon with cinnamon Put it in your mouth

What rhymes with full moon?

Dull spoon

How much is a spoonful?

a spoon full of whatever

What is a runcible spoon?

I've been led to believe that a runcible spoon is an old expression meaning a spoon full of holes.Mentioned in the 'Owl and the Pussycat" poem.

What is the full form of child?

Child is the full form of child.

Can you eat a spoon full of cinnamon?

i suppose so

How much is four quarter teaspoon?

4 quarter teaspoons is a full teaspoon, or 5 grams of water.

What is the word scant for cooking?

For instance, a scant teaspoon would be a little less than a full teaspoon.

What do you need to measure a half of a teaspoon of vanilla?

You could buy a half teaspoon so the measurement is accurate. Or you could use a teaspoon and judge when it is half full.

How many grains in a teaspoon?

How many grains in a teaspoon full? 2004. I know. That is one sweet cuppa tea

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