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When the person who the life estate belongs to dies.

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What is the most common foundation in New York state in real estate?

As per the my point of view Real Estate Board of New York is the most common real estate foundation in New York state.

What is legal age to be an executor of an estate in New York State?

The minimum age to be an executor of an estate in New York state is 18 years of age. This applies to all states in the United States.

What is the legal definition of life estate in New York?

A 'Life Estate' is a right in real property that is measured on the life of the grantee. The definition is consistent in the common law.

Where can i find a List of real estate brokers in new york?

If you want to have a list of real estate brokers in your area in New York, you can actually ask for a list from the New York State real estate department and have a list of licensed real estate brokers in the area.

How does New York State determine estate tax?

New York State determines estate tax by multiplying the property's taxable assessment minus any exemptions by the tax rates for school districts and municipality.

When was New York State Right to Life Party created?

New York State Right to Life Party was created in 1970.

What does a New York State Real Estate Deed look like?

show me what deed like

How long is life in a life sentence in new york state?

life long

What are the current inheritance taxes in new york?

New York does have an estate tax. They do not have an inheritance tax. It would be a good idea to consult a probate attorney in the Empire State of NY. They will know how to reduce the tax liabilities of the estate.

What happens if a executor of an estate is mismanaging it in new york state?

Report your suspicions to the Probate Court in which the will is being probated.

When was Real Estate Board of New York created?

Real Estate Board of New York was created in 1896.

Father left no will how is estate divided in New York State when there is a step mother and biolgical children involved?

In New York, United States, the estate will be divided amongst the spouse and the biological children. The spouse will receive the first 50,000 dollars of the estate. The remaining amount will be divided among the biological children.

What is the New York State estate tax rate?

16% but I don't know if it is a flat-rate or if it is graduated. What was the rate in 2010?

How do you get a new york state real estate license?

Individuals applying for a real estate license should ask for a list of requirements to qualify for the national realtor examination for New York real estate license. These requirements may include several course credits which individuals can take through different training and education programs for New york real estate license applicants online. These programs will help them prepare and pass the said national real estate license examination.

What is State University of New York at Cobleskill's motto?

The motto of State University of New York at Cobleskill is 'Real life, real learning'.

How long does it take for a warrant to expire in New York?

It depends on the local and state laws, and depends on the crime. Some felony crimes have no statue of limitation so the warrant would never expire.Read more: How_long_does_it_take_for_a_felony_warrant_to_expire_in_TN

Is new york state subject to probate procedure for credit card debt?

Yes. A decedent's estate is responsible for the debts of the decedent.

Where is the home of Franklin Delano Rossevelt?

Springwood estate in Hyde Park, New York was the life-long home of President Roosevelt.

How much can a real estate salesperson earn in New York?

The salary of a real estate agent in New York ranges from $55,000 to $107,000.

What is the plant life in New York?

There are many types of plant life which are found in the state of New York. Some common plants in this state include white wood asters, quaking aspens, and trumphet honeysuckle.

Where might one find local real estate listings in New York?

Real estate listings from New York can be found in newspapers and magazines such as New York Times, New York magazine and on their webpages. Stand alone webpages with real estate listings include "realtor" and "".

What is new york state historically famous for?

for the production of cities and buisness life.

Who founded the new york state Right to life party?

Ellen McCormack

What does the Brooklyn NY Real Estate offer?

The Brooklyn NY Real Estate offers properties that are situated in the Brooklyn area of New York. They are one of many estate agents in the New York area.

Which is correct New York State or New York state?

It is New York State or the state of New York.

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