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No...The sperm cell do not actually stays long in the vagina because it is acidic...the males produces a liquid to protect the sperm when it travels through the vagina

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Q: In order to get pregnant does the guys sperm have to stay inside the girls vagina?
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Where on vagina would sperm need to go in order to get pregnant?

Sperm needs to go inside the vagina in order to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the condom falls off inside the vagina but it isn't all the way in and the ring that goes to the base of the penis is out?

Semen has to be inside the vagina in order to get pregnant.

Can sucking a girls vagina make the girl pregnant?

no. Semen must enter the vagina in order for pregnancy to occur.

Can anal get you pregnet?

Anal cannot get you pregnant. In order to get pregnant, sperm must be ejaculated inside your vagina.

Can girls still get pregnant even if their ovulation hasn't occured yet?

Ovulation must occur in order for a woman to get pregnant. However sperm can life anywhere from 3 to 7 days inside the vagina. So if you ovulate during that time you can become pregnant.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you rubbed her vagina with your hands?

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

Is it possible to get pregnant just from a guys shaft touching the top of your vagina?

No, He has to ejaculate inside of you in order to get you pregnant. If sperm was on his penis then yes. Yes. The sperm tend to swim upstream and they are tough! They can live up to 7 days in your vagina.

When the boy suck the girls with his tongue does the girls get pregnant?

In order for a girl to be able to get pregnant, sperm/semen needs to be involved. This only comes from the penis, so only if you introduce semen to the vagina, is there a chance that pregnancy can occur

Can you get pregnant by not having intercourse but touching the sperm and then touching the inside of the vagina?

There is no way you can get pregnant by touch the sperm and then touching the inside of your virgina. The sprem have to travel a long ways in order for you to get pregnant.You can touch it. However you should have the owners permission first.

Can a women get pregnant with the sperm in her butt?

NO! a woman can NOT get pregnant with sperm in her butt. the sperm MUST be in the Vagina in order to get pregnant. the only way that she can possibly get pregnant from sperm in her butt is if some of the sperm gets in her Vagina.

Can you get pregnant if a guy rubs his penis on your vagina while you're wearing underwear?

No. No, absolutely not. To get pregnant, the man must ejaculate semen inside your vagina. Even then, you have to be ovulating in order for the sperm to find your egg. I've never heard of sperm traveling thru undergarments and into the female's vagina, into the uterus and still fertilizing an egg. That's simply not how it works.

Can you get pregnant by inserting your own fingers on your vagina?

No that is almost impossible. In order to get pregnant, your vagina must come into contact with male sperm, so unless you have some on your fingers, you cannot get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if a man's penis was dry but it touched the tips of the vaginal lips and then used a condom and had sex?

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

If sperm lands on the vagina but is wiped off immediately can you get pregnant?

Sperm has to enter the vagina in order to get pregnant. Even if the sperm makes it in it has a long hard journey to make it to the egg.

Can you get pregnant with some sperm on finger then touch vagina opening?

Most likely not. Sperm has to get clear up inside the vagina and past the cervix in order to fertilize an egg. If it's a small amount on a finger and right at the opening, you're probably safe.

Does the penis have to touch the uterus in order to become pregnant?

no. the penis will probably never touch the uterus as the cervix is blocking the only route. all that needs to happen is to ejaculate inside the vagina or even on the outside and it drips in might get a girl pregnant

Can girls be pregnant if she sit on the top of penis when he wear underwear?

No. for her to get pregnant she has to have the penis inserted in her vagina at the right time of her menstrual cycle and he has to ejaculate. sperm has to be able to get to her ovum in order to fertilize it, and it just wont happen that way, even if he ejaculates in his underpants.

Does a guy have to stick his penis into your vagina in order to get pregnant?

That is most common, but anything that causes sperm to enter the vagina can cause pregnancy.

If you pull out then wipe off the semen and put it back in the vagina can you get pregnant?

Yes. A woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate, plus you had to have released some semen in the vagina in order to have semen on the penis when you pull out.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is virgin but he cum on her vagina and she hasn't her period yet?

yes. a girl does not need to have her period in order to get pregnant.

Can a virgin get pregnant if semen wet her outer pants?

Semen on the outside of your clothes can't get you pregnant, virgin or otherwise. In order to get pregnant, the sperm has to enter your uterus through the vagina.

How do you get pregnant with a guy or girl?

In order to get pregnant you need a guy and a girl. The guy and the girl need to engage in sexual relations where there private parts meet. When the two body parts are stimulated they produce cum/seaman which travels from the girls vagina to her ovariesand fertilizes her eggs.

Is it possible to get pregnant while grinding softly genital to genital?

Not likely. Sperm has to go inside of your vagina in order for you to have any chance of getting pregnant, sperm dies quickly once it's in open air. If you miss a period then you can always take a pregnancy test.

When the boy climb on the girl in the bed and kissing can course pregnancy?

No, kissing and climbing can not get you pregnant. The penis or semen have to be inside the vagina in order to make a baby. For full sex education see the Planned Parenthood website.

Can you get pregnant if sperm drips on your butt?

No; sperm is required to touch the vagina in order for pregnancy to be a possibility.