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Using good posture can improve your body symmetry.

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Q: In order to improve your body symmetry its important to?
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What is it important to do in order to improve your body symmetry?

In order to improve your body symmetry it's important to workout. To do this you will want to workout all muscle groups equally.

Body Symmetry of animals?

How can you identify the body symmetry of an animal

What phylum has no body symmetry?

Porifera is the phylum with no body symmetry: it is asymmetrical.

What kind of symmetry do pitbulls have?

That symmetry you are talking about, is something important. Pitbulls were symmetry 99% of the time. Now we got bullys that lost the symmetry big time. When you look at a real pitbull, the head is simetric with the body lenght. No over head and no short legs.

Do dogs have radial symmetry?

No. Rabbits, like all vertebrates, have bilateral symmetry. This means they have symmetry across one plane (known as the sagittal plane, and directly down the centre of their body), which means one side of their body approximately mirrors the other side. In order to have radial symmetry an object must be able to be cut into 4 body planes around a central axis that all look the same. For example, a sea urchin has radial symmetry.

Do cnidarian have body symmetry?

yes, they have bilateral symmetry

Does bertrams body have symmetry?

yes! he has bilateral symmetry.

What is a peacock's symmetry?

If a animal has a head then its body symmetry is bilateral.

Why does the human body have a line of symmetry?

4 line of symmetry

What kind of symmetry is shown in an animal whos body can only be divided in one plane to show mirror images?

An animal whose body can only be divided in one plane to show mirror images is said to exhibit bilateral symmetry. Bilateral symmetry means that the animal has a distinct front and back, a top and bottom, and two sides that are mirror images of each other. This type of symmetry is characteristic of most animals, including humans, and allows for the development of specialized appendages, such as arms and legs, which are important for movement and manipulation of the environment.

Does body symmetry affect athletic ability?

There is some evidence that body symmetry has an effect on atheletic ability.

What kind of symmetry does the earthworm have?

bilateral symmetry- body plan in which an animal that can be dinided into 2 equal sdes.