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The term "Rubber Gun Squad" is police phraseology for an Officer who is stripped of his or her service weapon for his or her own safety or the safety of others, AND placed on restricted(desk) duty. It is the time span between initial suspension and termination of employment.

Police Officers are legally and contractually obligated to perform hourly units of work. In order to fulfill this legally binding obligation to perform duties, they are ordered to do so in the strictest environments away from public contact, while they await their Departmental Dismissal. It can take a Department months, even up to a year, to fulfill its legal mental health obligations to the exiting Officer, to avoid future legal liability.

If a documented case of assault exists, the Officer is never allowed to return to full duties. Only in rare instances when a Department Chief orders an Officer stripped of his or her service weapon for arbitrary reasons, can an Officer be restored to full duty after having a medical doctor determine the Department's arbitrary reasons were medically unfounded.

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Q: In police longo there is the term rubber gun squad. What is a rubber gun squad?
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