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"Corn" in Spanish is "maíz". It is pronounced "my-EESE". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

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In Spanish, corn is "choclo" or "maíz."

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Q: In spanish how do you say corn?
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How do you say stalk of corn in Spanish?


How do you say Carmel corn in spanish?

maíz de caramelo

How do you say this is corn pudding in spanish?

you would say Éste es pudín de maíz.

How do you say 'eat corn' in Spanish?

"Come maiz", that is the imperative form of the verb. "Como maiz" is for I eat corn. The verb changes depending of the Pronoun.

What did the Spanish eat in Aztec times?

corn corn cor was it

What is Maize in Spanish?

Corn The Spanish for 'maize' is 'mais' (accent on the 'i')

What is a Spanish name for corn?


What did baby corn say to mama corn?

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What has ears but can not hears?

Corn. why do you say corn?

What does elote mean in spanish?

It's Mexican (Spanish) for 'an ear of green corn'

What is choclo in the spanish language?

It means corn in Chile

What did Spanish cultivate in the US?

Corn, beans and squash.