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beat the arena champion, rocky, in King of the Planet

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Q: In spore hero arena how do you beat spellunk?
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In spore hero arena what does 2431 mean at the lake on spellunk?

hit the stone looking tablets in the order of 2 4 3 1 the a bridge comes up from the water then you go across to the arena and battle.

When did Spore Hero Arena happen?

Spore Hero Arena happened in 2009.

Is Spore Hero or Spore Hero Arena better?

Spore Hero is better than Spore Hero Arena. From prior experience, Spore hero was a bit childish, but still very cool. Also from prior experience, Spore Hero Arena is very glitchy and has few interesting combinations.

On spore hero can you go in space?

No but in spore hero arena you can ;)

When was Spore Hero Arena created?

Spore Hero Arena was created on 2009-10-08.

Which game is better spore creature or spore hero areana?

In my opinion, Spore Hero Arena. Spore Creatures is pretty much 2-D and it's kind of boring. I think Spore Hero Arena might be more epic and 3-D.

What are cheats for spore hero arena?

There are none

Is the lake on spelunkk in spore hero arena?


How do you change character in spore hero arena?


How do you beat yeedo in spore hero arena?

Stop Yeedo With Lightning Then Knock Him Off With Ground Stomp Three Times And You Win

How much does spore cost for the ds?

Spore Creatures: about $30 Spore Hero Arena: probably $30 to $35

Can you make a second hero in spore hero arena?

You can't even make one! :(