In the 1960's what did people do for fun?

My favorite time! I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia at the time and was going with my 2nd husband. We had a blast! Although drugs were everywhere (waterpipes, Marijuana, Acid, etc.) we only tried Marijuana once and didn't like it. We did have our share of alcohol when we partied. We'd go to all the "in clubs" and dance until dawn. There is a place called "Gas Town" and we'd hit Gassy Jacks, Pharoah's Retreat and all the other great clubs with fantastic music, the place so packed you could hardly move which left pure excitement in the air and it was peace and love and no fighting like today. The streets were crawling with people; musicians on almost every street corner; hippy bead shops; leather shops; restaurants owned and operated by the hippies and it was a feeling of being free and life was easy. Our group of friends and ourselves could hardly wait until the weekend. We'd water-ski all day, get ready to party down in Vancouver at none other than "Gas Town" and never left until dawn. The younger generation back then had more energy and could have a great time without being bummed out on drugs or booze. I remember laughter, strangers coming up to you just to talk. It was a time for hiding draft dodgers from the states and it was an exciting time in history. I loved the music from the 1960s because they told the stories of the times we were going through. It was "us" against the Establishment! LOL Some of the songs like "Go Ask Alice" was about drugs as many of the songs were and some songs were against the Vietnam War. Jimmi Hendrix, Mama's & the Papas, Donovan, Bob Dillon and many others were our favorite singers. I loved "All Along the Watch Tower", "Going to San Francisco with Flowers in your Hair" (which I did before I met my 2nd husband.) Magic Carpet Ride, etc. It was freedom (so we thought.) Although the Vietnam War was going on most of us were unaware of what was really happening and it didn't really hit us until we realized how many Americans were coming to Canada as draft dodgers that we got involved in what was going on and then all innocence went out the window.