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The orange in India's flag is not orange but called "saffron." It stands for courage and sacrifice.

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What does the orange color mean in the Indian flag?

Orange in the Indian flag means courage and sacrifice.

What does every thing in the orange part of the Indian flag mean?

the orange colour is for sacrifice

What is the fraction of orange color of the Indian flag?

What is the fraction of orange colour of the Indian flag

In the Indian flag What dose orange mean?

first it is saffron and it stands for courage and sacrifice

What is our Indian flag-?

The Indian Flag has four colors orange, white, green and blue.

What does orange on the Indian flag stand for?


What does the orange stand for on the Indian flag?

This section of the flag represents courage and sacrifice.

Name colors of Indian flag?

There are 4 colors in Indian flag. Orange. White. Blue. ( wheel ) . Green.

What is on the Indian flag?

Blue, white, orange and green

What colours are on the Indian Flag?

green, white and orange.

What does orange represents in the Indian flag?

it reprsents harmony =)

What colour is the Indian flag?

Orange, Green & White

What fraction of white and orange in Indian flag?


What fraction of the Indian flag is white and orange?

what type of Indian flag cuz i looked up orange is on top and green is on bottom and white is in the middle

What flag is orange white and green?

Ivorian, or Irish Republic. It could also be the Indian flag. Except the Indian flag has a blue Ashoka Chakra on it.

What does orange mean on the German flag?

There is no orange on the German flag. The colours of the German flag are black, red and gold

What are the colours of the inden flag?

I guess you mean 'Indian Flag' and not 'Inden Flag'. Indian Flag is divided into three parts or rather strips. The first strip is Orange,the second is white with a Blue Chariot wheel in it and the third is a green strip. The flag strips are horizontal. It is a tricolor flag. I hope this helped!

What are the colors of the Indian flag?

The colors on the Indian flag are orange but its called saffron , white, and green. There is also a circle in the middle which is Dharma Chakra of the flag which is blue.

What meaning of orange colour in Indian flag?

Its Embodies Courage

What does the India national flag look like?

The Indian national flag is green, orange, and white with a wheel on the flag.

What does the orange stripe on the India flag mean?

The orange flag stands fo9r the Hindu group.

What does the phrase orange flag or red flag mean?

Depending on the sport red flag could mean stop in NASCAR. Other than that i don't recall orange flag or red flag existing.

How does the Indian flag look like?

The Indian flag from India is striped in this order: orange, white, and green. In the white space, there is a blue wheel.

What does green mean on the Indian flag?

the green on the Indian flag means faith and fertility.

What do the colours of the Indian flag stand for?

orange - sacrifice green - agriculture

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