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Yes. An 18 year old is an adult and can live/move where he/she wishes.

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If the person is under 18 yes. a legal guardian controls all aspects of the minors life.

No. Your parents and guardians can exercise wide latitude over you.

Here we have to see if the parents or the guardian , were taking any part in the child's drug possession. They should not be punished for someones mistake.

Both full custody parents/guardians have say over the child. However, just because you are someones guardian does not mean that you have full custody of that child all of the time. It simply means you have say so in the childs life. This is how it was when my grandmother had full custody of me, however, my uncles were my guardians. I do not belive this particular law varies from place to place.

Not if you have their permission, or the permission of their guardian if they are under age. If you are going to go into the business of cutting hair, it is probably illegal without a license.

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Yes, because rumors only make things worse. If you cannot tell a teacher at school, go home and tell your parent or a trusted guardian.

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There are many different ways to become someone's gurdian but I'm pretty sure you have to be 18 yrs old. *If the parent or gurdian signs over rights to the child

One of the main reasons priests don't marry or have children is so they may devote themselves entirely to the Church. Most parents who wish to appoint a guardian of their minor children in case of their death, will ask the person they would like to appoint if they are willing to take on the job. A Catholic priest, if asked, would have to turn the parent down. If a parent named a Catholic priest as guardian without checking first, and then died, the priest would probably refer the matter to the archdiocese, who would contact the court (if in the U.S.) which handles cases involving minor children who need new guardians appointed.

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