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Napoleon uses many tools of Propaganda to gain power. His main tool perhaps were the sheep. Whevever any of the other animals would want to speech up the sheep broke out in to "four legs good, two legs bad". However, Napolean only ever gained complete power from exiling snowball. He knew from the windmill vote that snowball was a threat, and found it very easy to get the animals to side with him. So using teh dogs, which he trained in secret, he got rid of this danger.

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Q: In the book Animal Farm how did Napoleon come to power?
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How did Napoleon gain power in the book animal farm?

Napoleon gains power by using fear, by exploiting the animals, and by bending the rules. He instills fear as a way of giving the animals no chance to argue with him... Which allows him to run the farm the way he wanted to, and to make it easier for him than the other animals.

Where can a person find a full list of the 48 laws of power?

The 48 Laws of Power is a book that was written by Robert Greene. One can read the book if interested but it has been found that there is a documented listing of the 48 Laws of Power available on the "Tech Purdue Edu" website.

Anti-revolutionary invasion of Russia?

The anti-revolutionary invasions were an attempt by the Western Allies to force Russia back into World War I and remove the Bolshevik government. This was to secure the Czech Legion, secure ports and ensure the anti-Bolshevik armies got supplies and to re-open the Eastern Front against Central Powers.

Who was intended to fix changes caused by the french revolution and napoleon?

There was no one particular person who was intended to 'fix' the changes made by the Revolution and Napoleon's rule. Many changes were simply laid down in Laws, passed by the so-called Directorate Government of the Republic and later by the Government's ministers under Napoleon.Napoleon himself was however the driving force behind many important innovations such as the Code Napoleon, the Civic Law book that would influence civic law all over Europe for at least the next 100 years. In the field of foreign policy, his 'fixer' was Count Talleyrand.

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What title does Napoleon give himself in the book Animal Farm?

Napoleon gives himself the title of "President" in the book Animal Farm.

What was Joseph Stalin's connection to the book Animal Farm?

Joseph Stalin was the inspiration for the character of Napoleon in George Orwell's book Animal Farm. Napoleon represents Stalin's dictatorial leadership style and his betrayal of the original ideals of the Russian Revolution. The novel is a metaphor for the events leading up to the Russian Revolution and Stalin's rise to power.

What animals always argue in animal farm?

Snowball and Napoleon always disagree in the book animal farm

Who does the character Napoleon represent in the book Animal Farm?

Napoleon the pig is an allegory for Joseph Stalin.

Does Napoleon die in Animal Farm?

"yes. my class just read that book in 9th grade lit." No he definitely doesn't. We are doing this book for GCSE, and the ending is the animals watching as Napoleon plays cards with humans. He remains very much alive, but he does die, I think, at the end of the film

Is there a pig called Napoleon?

Yes--he is a character in George Orwell's book Animal Farm. Napoleon is a dictator and leader of the farm and the animals.

What are some adjectives to describe the character Napoleon in the book Animal Farm?

dictatorial power-hungry harsh

What was the name of the pig in George Orwell's Animal Farm?

There are many pigs in the book Animal Farm, but these are the main ones:Snowball - He gets chased off the farm by Napoleon later in the storyNapoleon - Ends up being the main leader of Animal FarmSquealer - Acts as Napoleon's adviser and is very persuasive

Who represents Stalin's Blood Purges in the book animal farm?

The dogs that are under Napoleon's control.

What human in Animal Farm is corrupt?

Napoleon, the pig leader, is the most corrupt human-like character in "Animal Farm." He manipulates the other animals for his own gain, betraying the principles of the original rebellion against the humans to establish himself as a tyrannical leader. His actions demonstrate the corrupting influence of power.

How did power affect the pigs and especially Napoleon in animal farm?

It corrupted them to the extent that the other animals at the end of the book had trouble telling the pigs from the humans.

Where can you find pics of animals from the book Animal Farm?

Google Images. Type in the animals name, and animal farm. For example: Boxer Animal Farm. Or, Say the animal and type of animal. For example: Napoleon Pig