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Q: In the crystal palace are there any windows parallelograms?
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How much does it cost to visit the Crystal Palace in London?

The Crystal Palace doesn't exist any more as it burned down in 1936. The foundations are still visible in Crystal Palace Park in Upper Norwood, South London and admission is free.

Are there any parallelograms in sports?

No, there are no parallelograms in sports.

Can parallelograms have any number of sides?

No i believe that parallelograms can only have four side

Is there any formula to find out the number of parallelograms?

There are an infinite number of parallelograms. No formula is required.

How many crystal palace fans does it take to change a light bulb?

A few, but there aren't any so this question is a charade.

Are quqdrilaterals parallelograms?

No .. parallelograms are quadrilaterals. A quadrilateral is any polygon with four sides and four vertices.

Are there any important landmarks in crystal palace?

Crystal Palace is itself a well known landmark of South London and the highest point in London. It is topped with a television broadcasting aerial and the surrounding public open space has model dinosaurs from the original Great Exhibition of 1851.

True or false any two parallelograms with the same side lengths have the same area?

True of False, any to parallelograms with the same side lengths have the same area?

How many lines of symmetry does a parallogram have?

Most parallelograms do not have any lines of symmetry. The only parallelograms that can have lines of symmetry are squares, rectangles, and rhombuses.

Are all parallelograms squares?

NO! rectangles are also parallelograms and i think rhombus are too. a parallelogram is any shape where both sets of opposing sides are parallel.

Do parallelograms has a line of symmetry?

No ! a parallelogram doesn't have any line of symmetry !

What is the counterexample for all parallelograms are rectangles?

any parallelogram that does not have right angles.

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