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Hydrogen combining with oxygen to form water is an exothermic reaction, which is why hydrogen burns.

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How you can get water element?

The chemical compound Water is made of two elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen. To get water you would need to perform a highly explosive chemical reaction. An example of this dangerous reaction occured with old style zeppelins that were filled with Hydrogen. So, the chemical formula of water is H2O and the reaction between Hydrogen and Oxygen is:Hydrogen + Oxygen --> Hydrogen OxideDo not attempt this reaction.

The corrosion of the metal is an example of?

A reaction with oxygen, water, hydrogen sulphide, acids, bases

What is the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen?

Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water. It is a very energetic reaction.

Do oxygen and hydrogen represent the same compound?

No. Hydrogen and oxygen are elements, not compounds. They are not the same.

The reaction in which hydrogen and oxygen are produced by running an electric current through water is an example of?

Electrolysis is the process that divides water into oxygen and hydrogen through use of electricity.

Hydrogen plus oxygen combine to form water this is an example of what type of reaction?

It is a chemical reaction. More specifically it is synthesis and is exothermic.

What chemicals were the products in the reaction in producing of hydrogen and oxygen gases?

This question answers itself. The products of a reaction PRODUCING hydrogen and oxygen are, well, hydrogen and oxygen!If you are asking what hydrogen and oxygen are made FROM, than the REACTANT is water. If a voltage is applied to water, hydrogen and oxygen gas are made.If you are asking what the product of a reaction is when hydrogen and oxygen are the REACTANTS, then the answer is also water.See the Related Questions for more information to the left of this answer.

What is an example of a chemical change that took a long time to occur?

The reaction of hydrogen and oxygen at room temperature.

What is the process of Hydrogenation?

The process of hyrdogenation is the reaction of any element or compound with hydrogen. For example, the adding of oxygen to hydrogen would create water.

What is the equation for the reaction between oxygen and hydrogen?

Hydrogen + oxygen → water2H2 + O2 → 2H2O

How was water created?

The reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

What happens when hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water?

This reaction can be considered as an oxydative reaction oh hydrogen.

Does the reaction that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen absorb or release energy?

Endothermic reaction is the breakdown of water into hydrogen and oxygen and this cause for energy to be absorbed

Example of a chemical reaction?

The reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to form water is represented by the following equation. 2 H2 + O2 2 H2O

What happens when hydrogen and oxygen molecules form water?

A chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen occur.

Why water different from its components?

this because the chemical reaction between Oxygen & Hydrogen obviously the Hydrogen bonds between Oxygen & Hydrogen.

What is produced when hydrogen and oxygen react together?

Hydrogen and oxygen undergo combination reaction to form water.When hydrogen and oxygen react together, water is formed.

Decomposition reaction examples?

There are many examples of decomposition reaction. A notable example is hydrogen peroxide, which will decompose into water and oxygen over a slow period of time.

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