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In the medical industry, acronyms are used to shorten long titles of important information. HEDIS is an acronym of Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set.


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One acronym of Industry is IND

The medical industry refers to the industry that has everything to do with medicine. This includes doctors, drug companies, hospitals and medical suppliers.

As an acronym-most common, Medical Examiner

It is for Doctors to signify that they have a medical degree. MD is an acronym for medical degree.

The acronym "WIRO" stands for Water Industry Regulatory Order. It was created under the Water Industry Act 1994 and creates framework for the regulation of Victorian water.

It's a medical acronym... Rest Ice Compression Elevation

The acronym TMC stands for several things. One of the things it stands for Texas Medical Center. This is a medical center that specializes in medical care, patient care, research, and education.

Local Officer for Medical Education

The medical acronym ENT stands for Ear, Nose and Throat.

The acronym NREMT stands for The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. The NREMT is a not for profit, non funding agency. It covers Medical Providers.

The acronym is used for the "Army Medical Department", the health and hospital system of the US Army.

The medical acronym DFES stands for Doctors For Emergency Services. These doctors are the ones that arrive strictly for situations that show an immediate need for their assistance.

The meaning of the acronym 'HCPCS' is 'Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System'. It's a medical term that has to do with specific procedures that are performed within a medical facility.

the medical and surgical products industry is growing rapidly.

ICT is an acronym for the medical term "Intensive Care Treatment"

In the film industry, it means Parental Guidance suggested.

If its in the food service industry then its banquet event order!

Most commonly DTI stands for Department of Trade and Industry

There are several different areas of the medical supply industry that are growing. These areas include the biomedical industry.

AVCHD is an acronym which is used by those in the audio/video industry. The acronym stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. It refers to digital recording and playing of digital media.

The acronym NHMSI stands for New Hampshire Medical Society. It can also stand for Niguel Hill Middle School. It should be noted that the I in this acronym seems to not have a match.

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