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Why is it important to warn people about hazards?

If people don't know a hazard is present, they cannot protect themselves form it. Warning them of a hazard that they may not have noticed let's them take action to protect themselves.

How do people protect themselves from landslides?

people can protect themselves by staying awwy from large buildings

How did people protect themselves in WW2?

People protected themselves by hiding in underground stations.

How did people try and protect themselves during the black death?

People tried to protect themselves by carrying posies in their pockets everywhere they went. :)

How do people protect themselves from Ebola?


How people protect themselves from the volcanoes?

People can protect themselves from volcanoes by wearing goggles, having a battery-operated radio, and wearing breathings masks.

How did the people of mesopotamia maintain order to protect themselves from outsiders?

To protect the people from Mesopotamia, the people used the code of Hamurabi.

How would people protect themselves from highwaymen?

They cant protect themselves, it would be very difficult to travel from one place to another.

How did people protect themselves from the bubonic plague?

they masturbated

How skunk protect themselves from attack?

they spray people

How do people protect themselves from an avalanche?

Stay Out Of The Way ??

How can people protect themselves of hurricanes?

you hide in your basement

How can you protect ourselves from uv radiation?

People can protect themselves by wearing lots of sunscreen.

About dogs protecting themselves?

Dogs protect themselves by growling and bitting people, so they might scare the people away

Why do roses have thorns?

They have it only to protect themselves from animals and people.

Why do you have the second amendment?

So ordinary people can protect themselves.

Do legal rights just protect people from themselves?

yes they do

Why do animals harm people?

Out of fear; and to protect themselves and their family.

How did people protect themselves during hurricane Katrina?


How do New York snakes protect themselves?

By biting people

How do people protect themselves form sharks?

Stay out of the ocean.

How did people protect themselves from Katrina?

They went into the Louisiana Superdome

How people can help protect themselves on tsunami?

get to higher ground

What should people do to protect themselves from hail?

Seek shelter

What did Jewish people do to try and protect themselves from the holocaust?