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No you can not. You will not be eligable for unemployement. There is a 7 day waiting period until your WC benefits kick in but once you are out for 21 days, WC will go back and pay you for the first 7 days you were out.

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Q: In the state of Georgia can you collect unemployment benefits for the week you will be unable to work following surgery for a workman's comp claim?
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Can you transfer unemployment benefits from Missouri to Georgia?

Because Missouri is the "liable state", with responsibility to pay the benefits, you can't transfer them to Georgia. However, you can continue to receive Missouri's benefits while in Georgia by contacting either the Missouri or Georgia's (the "agent state") and following their instructions.

Can you draw unemployment benefits in Georgia if in jail?

No. You have to be available for work and looking for wok.

Are federal unemployment benefits taxable in Georgia?

Yes your unemployment benefits will be taxable income in Georgia on your federal 1040 income tax return the first 2400 of your unemployment compensation that you received in the year 2009 will not subject to the federal income tax return.

What are the unemployment benefits in the state of Georgia?

Because of the complexity of your question, you should check out the "Claimant's Handbook" of Georgia in the Related Link below.

Can an inmate in Georgia collect unemployment benefits?

No, to collect unemployment benefits you have to be able and actively seeking full time work, among other requirements, which you cannot while imprisoned. After release, it would depend on your work history during the base period for Georgia.

If you have worked in Georgia an you live in TN how can you draw unemployment from both states?

You wish!! If you are on unemployment in Georgia, but now live in Tennessee, you would apply for unemployment in Tennessee. Your records would transfer and you would be paid in the state where you live.Another answer:You can only draw unemployment from the "liable state", Georgia in your case, because that is the state that your employer paid the unemployment taxes, through the payroll taxes, to. You might file with Tennessee, but they would only be helping you receive the benefits from Georgia.

Can an officer of a corporation earn unemployment benefits in Georgia?

Be nice, but no. Not really fair since you pay it in, but can't use it.

If you are employed by a New York company but live in Georgia who pays unemployment.?

Whichever state the employer pays its unemployment taxes to is the"liable" state. If you WORK in Georgia, as well as live there, it probably is Georgia. In any event, both states are probably involved in the interstate unemployment benefits program where you can apply to either and they would work it out between themselves.

Why would your pin be suspended for unemployment benefits in Georgia?

There are several reasons why your PIN would be suspended for unemployment benefits in Georgia. The Department of Labor may have deactivated your account because you are no longer eligible or you may not have completed requirements such as filling out forms or actively applying for new work.

How do you collect unemployment after you moved from Georgia to New York?

If you had a qualifying work history in Georgia (the "liable" state) they would be the one who pays you. You can either contact the Georgia's employment security office or the New York's (the "agency" state) who would assist you in collecting your benefits from Georgia.

Can retired military collect Georgia unemployment insurance?

Only if you don't tell them about your retirement. I retired Jan 2010 and immediately went to work FT. After 7 months, I was laid off without notice. I applied for unemployment and stated honestly that I receive a military retirement. I am a man of integrity and had no desire to falsify information that could come back to haunt me or even be charged with a crime since it is illegal to falsify information when applying for unemployment. I was told that I did not qualify for unemployment benefits becaus I receive a military retirement. In short, in the state of Georgia, retired veterans will never be eligible for unemployment benefits because our retirement is more than the benefit. What is being lost in all this is that the state requires every employer to pay into the unemployment system for their workers. This means that the state of Georgia gets to keep the money paid by my employer because I can never qualify for unemployment benefits. This is outrageous! I guess my 24 years of service wasn't enough, they now want my unemployment benefits as well. Just their way of saying "Thanks for your service". Good Soldier

What legally happens to someone who is getting temporary worker's comp payments and Georgia unemployment Will they be prosecuted?

You must be able and available to work in order to receive unemployment. That means if you are not looking for work and are unable to work you would not be qualified for benefits.