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You can get emancipated. File at the local courthouse. * Being placed in the custody of another person and being emancipated are two different things. A minor doesn't get to decide who has custody of them. The only way a court will remove custody from your parents is if they have been proven to be unfit in some manner. As far as emancipation, in the state of Louisiana if your parents don

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Q: In the state of Louisiana can you place yourself in the custody of another adult without your parents' permision?
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In Louisiana when a sole custodial parent dies who has custody Does custody revert to non-custodial parent automatically?

It is not an automatic switch. However, the non custodial parent may file to take custody. If this is not an option another family member may step up.

Can you get married at 17 in Louisiana?

Yes, IF you have parental consent (from both parents if they both have custody)

Can you move out of Louisiana when you have joint custody?

I dont think so my dad did that and my mom fiiled him

If a man is on child support in Louisiana can he file a petition for joint custody?

yessee links

What are custody laws in Louisiana?

Too complicated to summarize dues to the type of law structure in the state.

Who gets custody of a minor child in Louisiana if the parents never marry?

The mother automatically have custody from birth and the father can petition for custody, visitation and also pay child support after he has proved paternity in court by providing a DNA test. As long as the mother is fit he will get shared custody at the most.

What is the youngest age a child can testify in Louisiana?

They can't in a custody case. They are seen in chambers. see links

Can a father who has joint custody with the mother stop her from visiting another state?

Can a father who has joint custody with the mother stop her from visiting another state with the child

How do you get custody of another family members child?


Can you remove a child from another state if you have joint custody?

No, you cannot move a child out of state if you have joint custody.

Is it possible for a lesbian mother to get custody of 14 year old daughter in the state of Louisiana?

if she's the biological mother

Can you move in with another parent who does not have custody?

No. see link

What are the legal requirements in South Carolina to get joint custody?

In your search, type in Do it yourself Custody. You can find out alot of info there. They also have Do It Yourself Divorce. I just got divorced in Dec. for $90.00, because I done it myself. Good luck

Is it possible in the state of Louisiana without a lawyer for a parent to file a motion for temporary custody while the other parent is in possession of the child and refusing visitation?

In the state of Louisiana, it is possible for a parent, withut a lawyer, to file a motion for temporary custody while the other parent is in possession of the child and refusing visitation.

If mother has physical custody of the child who has the authority to make burial decisions?

The party with legal custody makes the decision. Physical custody is another matter between the parties. Many couples have joint custody with physical custody to the mother. Whoever has legal custody has the right to make important decisions.

Who has legal custody of minor child when parents have never married in Louisiana?

The unmarried mother has sole custody and control in every state at the time of the birth until the father establishes his paternity in the family court.

What are the requirements of the law of Louisiana to get custody?

Like any state, it comes down to the evidence presented. See links below.

Does a father have the same legal rights to a child if neither has custody in Louisiana and the mother took the child to another state?

No. If you are not married the mother have custody automatically since birth. The only way for the father to get it is by proving paternity in court and he can then petition for custody, visitation and pay child support. Until then he can not stop her and the child form leaving. If you are married she can also leave with the child and so could you since you both have equal right to the child then.

Does the parents have to give custody of their 16 year old daughter to another family to do school or live at another persons house?

They do not have to give up custody. They should appoint a guardian to represent them.

What is legal age of a child to make their own decision on custody rights in canada?

A court may listen to your opinion starting at about 13 or 14, but they will never allow you to choose custody rights yourself. You will be allowed to make decisions yourself when you are the age of 18.

If an Aunt has phys and legal custody of a niece can she transfer custody to another Aunt without involving the 7 year absent mother?

Yes because the mother had no custody over the child

Can you get sole custody if your wife leaves for another man?

Sole custody is not common these days except for single mothers. see links

When temporary custody is relinquished do you need a legal document to absolve yourself of responsibility?

YES, you will need it.

Another word for in custody?

In the sense of "in custody":arrestedapprehendedcaptureddetainedcaughtIn the single sense of "custody":controlcarewardshipcustodianshipguardianshipsuperintendencekeepingsupervisioncharge

What does found in contempt of custody means?

It means that a person has been found guilty, by a judge, of violating a court order with respect to the custody of another person. Custody is the legal right of a parent to their children.