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No. Just send a copy of the death certificate to the creditors, they have to write it off. They may try to tell you that you have to pay, but you don't have to legally. The creditors do have the option of going after your father's assets/estate to pay the debt. Any of his debts will first be paid by his estate. If anything is left it will be given to his heirs.

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Q: In the state of Nevada are family members responsible for paying the debts of their deceased father?
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If the deceased person only co-signed, that is, lent his credit standing to you so that you would be approved, then the family has no stake in the property. All the co-signer did was ensure that if you defaulted, he would be financially responsible. He never owned the house, so no relative can make a claim against it.

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Will your family have to pay your visa bill after you pass on?

If the surviving family members are not joint account holders or a surviving spouse who was living in a community property state, they are not responsible for the debts of the deceased. The deceased estate (if any) is to be probated (when required) and any assets are used to pay outstanding debts in their order of priority according to state law. FYI, authorized signers of credit card accounts are not joint account holders and not responsible for debt incurred. Likewise in some CP states the surviving spouse cannot always be held accountable for all debts solely incurred by the deceased spouse.