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Services offering advice regarding the management of personal debts and the combination of several individual loans into one large loan

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How do you choose a debt consolidation company?

: The best way is to look for a reputable organization that is an approved nonprofit organization. You can check with the IRS to ensure that the organization is tax-exempt. Otherwise, any Debt Consolidation Company can try to sell you on a consolidation option that could make your situation even worse. No harm looking for a company that is BBB registered. Look for unresolved complaints in the company's name. Search the internet for the complaints that company has. You can look up rippoffreport or...
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Is a timeshare a mortgage debt or a consumer debt?

A timeshare is a consumer debt. A mortgage is a document that pledges a piece of real estate to the bank in the event the loan is not repaid. When you buy a timeshare, you do not actually have any rights to the physical property, even after you've paid your loan and all associated fees. You have simply prepaid a property owner for the use of the property for a certain length of time. Another way to think of a timeshare...
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What is standard paper called?

The international standard is called A4. It measures 8.27 inches by 11.7 inches. The North American standard is called "Letter." It measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches. ...
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Should you hire a credit repair company?

Hiring a Credit Repair Company Here are some things to know about credit repair companies. By law (see The Credit Repair Organizations Act), credit repair services must give you a copy of the "Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law" before you sign a contract to repair credit. Credit repair companies also must give you a written contract that spells out your rights and obligations. Read these documents before signing the contract. The law contains specific protections for you. For example,...
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Can you can make a payment arrangement to stop garnishment of wages?

Garnishment of Wages Yes, you can make payment arrangements with almost anyone to whom you owe money. In fact, they would probably prefer that to the giant pain in the ass garnishing wages can be. Companies, health care professionals and even the IRS are willing to set up a payment arrangement with you. However, to be sure you don't miss a payment and force the creditor to "call" the whole amount (try to force you to pay in full), they may ask for...
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Should you get credit counseling?

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, worried about debt collectors, or can't seem to develop a workable budget, you may be considering a consumer credit counseling service. Your creditors may be willing to accept reduced payments if you enter a debt repayment plan with a reputable credit counseling service. Choosing whether or not to use one of these services and choosing which agency to work with can be difficult, so here are some tips...
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Should you arrange a debt repayment plan?

In a debt replayment plan, you deposit money each month with a credit counseling service. Your deposits are used to pay your creditors according to a payment schedule developed by the counselor. As part of the repayment plan, you may have to agree not to apply for ? or use ? any additional credit while you're participating in the program. A successful repayment plan requires you to make regular, timely payments, and could take 48 months or longer to complete. Ask the...
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What does MBNA stand for?

Maryland bank national association .
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If a motion for relief of stay has been granted in a Chapter 13 case is there any defense?

The best approach would be to work with the Creditor's attorney to come up with some kind of agreement. You can also move to have the stay reimposed or ask the Judge to reconsider lifting the stay. If the motion for relief from stay has been granted, you no longer have a defense. The time to raise a defense would have been right after the motion was filed by obtaining a hearing date and opposing the motion. The creditor is not required...
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Should you do a credit card consolidation?

Credit card consolidation Credit card consolidation allows you to make just one payment to the consolidator, instead of numerous smaller payments to many cards. Be cautious of credit card consolidation and other debt consolidation plans. These plans are not always the best option for your overall financial health. The consolidators may promise to lower your monthly payments; however, this action will extend the length of time it will take to pay off all your debts and ultimately you may pay more in finance charges. You may...
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Should you pay off 7-year-old debts?

NO! First thing to do if you want to pay off old debts is dispute the negative items on your credit report. If an update is over 5 years old they have to remove it. The reason I say dispute it is because when the credit bureau contacts the creditor the creditor has 30 days to validate the debt. If the creditor does not validate the debt in 30 days the credit reporting bureau is required to remove it. Once it...
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Is the remaining balance forgiven after 25 years of payments under the income contingent repayment plan?

The correct answer to your question is yes. You also must pay taxes on the amount forgiven. If you have FFEL loans instead of direct loans you need to go on the "income-based" repayment plan to get this benefit. Note that 25 years means 300 full payments; All months spent in deferment of forbearance DO NOT COUNT toward the 25 years. Federal Direct Loans offers this option. Unfortunately, I don't know whether the borrower must pay taxes on the balance remaining after 25...
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How do you pay a debt to a bankrupt company?

We have a similar problem. We have an open Montgomery Ward credit card account that can't be closed because the company is no longer open. I can give you some info we tracked down that may very well help you. As of June 30, 2003: The company that is managing the MW estate is: John L. Palmer, Certified Turnaround Professional, Managing Director. NachmanHaysBrownstein, Inc., "A Team of Leaders" 822 Montgomery Avenue Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072 610-660-0060 fax 610-664-7298 cell 215-527-8950 email: The credit card business...
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Should you use a company to help settle your debts?

Yes. You can do it on your own but companies can usually get larger settlements. You on your own are doing one...where as if they have 10 different people with a card from abc bank, totaling 100,000 in balances, they offer 40,000...a bank usually will not say no to that much. You on your own...are doing a much smaller balance and therefore really have no negotiating power. I work for a company that does this and depending on your credit can...
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If a credit card company writes off a debt can you still be sued by a collection agency?

Credit Card and Collection Ageny Debt A collection agency cannot sue without the approval of the original creditor. Actually they can't sue at all. And if they tell you they can, they are violating FDCL. They refer the account back to the original debtor, who decides whether or not to sue and then forwards it to attorneys who specialize in this type of litigation. Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers: Yes, at least in my case where your identity...
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If you use a debt consolidation program or company to lower your monthly payments does this affect your credit?

I was interested in doing this; I asked random creditors first what the effect would be on obtaining future credit. They advised that it was better than bankruptcy by far, but that it told creditors that you had trouble managing your finances and you were a poor credit risk. When i was in debt I came across one company which helped me out to reduce my debt to 60%. It offered a variety of Christian consolidation programs and information for federal and private...
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Do many attorneys take pay-offs?

The question not being more specific makes it a little difficult to answer. Nevertheless, if it is referring to attorneys taking bribes to manipulate the outcome of a case, then the answer is most definitely, NO ! However there always exception. If it pertains to a settlement for debt, then the answer would be yes, although it is not the attorney who receives the settlement amount it is the creditor who is owed the debt. _____ It depends on what you define as...
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Is affidavit consolidation services a valid company?

NO!!! It is a scam do not fall for it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, so I get this voicemail message from a guy who is speaking in a thick, broken Indian Accent (Obviously disguising his voice). He claims to be Ronnie Cooper from Affidavit Consolidation Services. A complete transcript of his message follows: - Note- the # symbol is in place of my name "This message is for #### ####. this is Ronnie Cooper from ACS. #### The reason of my call to make you...
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Can you file bankruptcy after you have consolidated most of your debt?

no you can not That answer is incorrect. Whether you can file a bankruptcy case and under which Chapter you can file needs to be evaluated under the terms of Bankruptcy code. Whether or not a particular debt is dischargeable needs to be evaluated under the terms of the Bankruptcy code. Consult an attorney. This is serious business. Do not rely on answers by unidentified people without information about their credentials or the basis of their opinion. That goes for people you meet at cocktail...
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Where can you find info on the Greenduck Company that sold varnish in the late 1800s or early 1900s?

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Can you cash out refinance after bankruptcy?

The answer to this question depends on the policies of the individual lender and the type and status of the bankruptcy. The majority of lenders want 24 months to have passed from the date of discharge of the bankruptcy before they will consider any mortgage loan. A chapter 7 BK is generally judged more harshly than a chapter 13. What some bankrupty filers forget is that their credit performance after the BK will be very important. New credit must be established in...
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Can you bankrupt a judgement from a divorce settlement?

No you cannot. Court judgements, like tax obligations to the government, cannot be discharged in bankruptcy court. ...
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How can you repay debts from a new business faster?

Depending on what this question is really asking, one obvious possible answer: Make more money through your business! And one less-obvious possible answer: Negotiate with the debtors for an advanced repayment schedule, so you can repay the debts faster. ...