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Auto Insurance Required for Minors

Yes, all drivers are required to carry proof of financial responsibility. The law does not make exceptions for minors. Not only do you "need" to add your child but legally as the guardian, you are "Required" to do so.

You can obtain Auto Insurance for your child or you or you can add the child for coverage under the parents or another existing auto policy but all drivers must have coverage.

Failure to add a known driver, especially a minor child for which you are already financially responsible is a form of Insurance "Fraud" known as "concealment" and could void all coverages otherwise afforded by your policy. This could leave you "the Parent" owing for all the cost of an accident with no Insurance Policy to pay the bill.

Honesty is always the best policy. Contact your Insurance Agent to obtain coverage for your minor child.

Happy Motoring.

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Q: In the state of New York do you need to put your sixteen year old on the car insurance policy?
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