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Well if the noncustodial parent wishes to take the kid the judge might give the parent custody if there is not a bad reason the parent did not get custody in the first place hope I helped you

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Certainly, but I urge you to obtain legal custody as soon as possible, so that you can manage the child's education and health care, among other things.

You should talk to a lawyer.However, I don't think the law specifically says 50% of daycare. However, the law does require the noncustodial parent to contribute to the support of the child, so financial arrangements can be imposed on the noncustodial parent to meet the child's needs within the parents' means. (Thus, the noncustodial parent might well have to pay for 100% of such things.) And this may well mean that the noncustodial parent has to provide enough funding for daycare if needed. Still, it is essential to talk to a lawyer and come up with a formal support arrangement between the two parents to avoid legal disputes in the future.

The child has a right to see the parent if she wishes. The wishes of the child should be of paramount importance. Unless there are certain court orders in place (restraining order, protection from abuse order, divorce decree or Parental Rights and Responsibilities) or if the noncustodial parent has a criminal record for a sexual offense, the noncustodial parent does have rights. However the things they do should be with consideration for the child and custodial parent in mind.AnswerUnless they have been determined to be unfit the non-custodial parent has the right to request a visitation order from the court with jurisdiction over the case. Once the visitation order has been established the non-custodial parent has the right to enforce that visitation order, exactly as stated in the order, unless it is modified by the court. The non-custodial parent has the right to be informed about important aspects of the child's life such as medical conditions and treatments, school attendance and school functions, sports programs, etc.

No, but the new CP should immediately return to the venue that issued the order to get it terminated, or at least suspended until custody is worked out.Wrong. The newly-custodial parent will have to continue to pay child support until which time the "current" court order reflects that you no longer have to.Such things as a large pay differences could very-well continue having you pay child support but at a very small amount, in order to equalize the child's living conditions.(I thought it was BS too but I'm a single father who still pays child support)

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make sure that child does hang out with that parent because they have no right to do that to you good luck remember it's your child:)

Does the non custodial parent have a job, even a part time job? If not, how does the non custodial parent support themself and pay for tuition? Does the custodial parent make a good income? These are only some of the things a judge will consider when making that ruling, so it's about a lot more than just being in college.

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If you contact child welfare office and have a chat with the staff there, then you can most likely choose this already from age 12. (Depending on reasons for this.) You can also ask the parent or stepparents you live with regarding this issue. But still. Consider this. The parent you see is not as far as I know forced to see you. If your parent want to see you, then this can be a positive thing. It should actually mean that the parent is interested in you and your well being. Some times a child does not lightly forgive parents from breaking up/divorcing. One parent might accuse the other parent and this will in the long run only hurt the child. If I were you, then I would really consider to carry on to visit your parent (unless the parent does not treat you well). I would suggest you try to talk to the school-inspector. Make an arrangement with him/her and ask about these parent problems you are experiencing. Be honest and say things the way they are and ask if he/she can help you. The ability to talk to an adult about these things may even make you change your view a bit. It is as important for you to try to understand your parents as it is for the parents to try to understand you.

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In difficult custody battles, it's best to keep a journal detailing things such as this. This can help when providing facts to the court showing a lack of interest in following any visitation agreements. Non-custodial parents can petition the court requesting a change in custody, but Judges do look at the facts, and take what is called status quo into account.

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