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In what city did the delegates of the framers of the constitution meet?


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The framers of the US Constitution met in Philadelphia in 1787 to 1789 to create a new government to replace the Articles of Confederation government.

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The Constitutional Convention was in Philadelphia.

met in the summer of 1787 in philadelphia

They wanted to keep their discussions secretive and away from the public eye.

to strengthen the national government by creating a new plan of government

There was no particular event that caused the authors of the constitution to meet to create a new constitution. However, Shay's rebellion could perhaps be labeled as the most important singular event which caused the authors of the Constitution to convene.

Delegates meet at that Constitutional Convention to amend the Articles of Confederation.

They met with the intention of modifying the Articles of Confederation. Instead, they created a new US Constitution.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 25th, 1787. It lasted until September 17th that year.

The colonial delegates met in Philadelphia to plan a better form of government after the Articles of Confederation.

U.S Constitution is the longest living constitution this is mainly due to the fact that the framers included both general and specific language. The necessary and proper clause has allowed congress to stretch its powers to meet new needs

This is homework and you need to answer this prompt. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. Not our thinking.

They met in Philadelphia because they wanted to revise the weakened Articles of Confederation. Instead they ended up re-writing the Constitution.

....the stamp act congress...critics of the law called for delegates from every colony to meet in new york city

Philadelphiaother websites that I researched said that it was held in the city of Philadelphia.Independence Hall Independence Hall

All the delegates of the nations meet at the NYC regularly....

The congress provides for the organization of the Northwest Territory and outlines the steps that a territory must take in order to become a state. Delegates meet in Philadelphia and draft the Constitution. Delaware becomes the first state to ratify the Constitution.

The Framers constructed the US Constitution to meet the problem of the times regarding voting by all male citizens. The times also called for a central government that could not amass power in the executive branch, this would hamper anyone trying to be a king. The amendment process of the Constitution gave it flexibility to meet demands of the future. For example, the 13th amendment to abolish slavery.

to write the Articles of Confederation

To conference on their trade problems.

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