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The DCDS Upper School (high school) is located in the village of Beverly Hills, MI.

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Q: In what city is Detroit Country Day High School located?
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What is Detroit Cristo Rey High School's motto?

The motto of Detroit Cristo Rey High School is 'The School That Works!'.

When was Detroit Cristo Rey High School created?

Detroit Cristo Rey High School was created in 2008.

Where is Thomas M Cooley high school?

it is located in Detroit , Mi. although there are more than one I'm sure I graduated from Cooley high

What is the motto of Detroit Lakes High School?

Detroit Lakes High School's motto is 'Make it a Great Day or Not, The Choice is Yours'.

Where is Butler High School located?

Butler High School is located in Matthews in the state of North Carolina, which can be found in the country of the United States. The address for Butler High School is 1810 Matthews-Mint Hill Road.

Was Mackenzie High School in Detroit Michigan demolished and what date and why?

Yes, Mackenzie High School was/is in Detroit. The building is still there, but the school has been closed since 2007.

What high school in Detroit offer second chance program?

Renaissance high school

What is the motto of Detroit Catholic Central High School?

Detroit Catholic Central High School's motto is 'Motto: Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge'.

Where would one find Cass Technical High School?

For someone looking to attend or to just contact Cass Technical High school for information could find the school located in Detroit, Michigan or great schools website.

What high school did clark go to?

Mumford High School. It is a popular school in Detroit that has been attended by many of Detroit's artists including The Clark Sisters, the Winans, Commissioned, etc.

Where is KUA high school located?

The Kimball Union Academy (also referred to by the acronym KUA) is located in New Hampshire. KUA is one of the oldest high school boarding schools in the country.

What Detroit high school won football championship 1971?

Finne High School: 13-6 over Northwestern High School