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The Liberty Bell is located in the city of Philadelphia, PA. This bell became the symbol of freedom and America's independence from England.

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In what city is the the liberty bell?

The bell is located in Philadelphia.

In what city what is a liberety bell?

The Liberty Bell is located in Washington D.C.

What are some of Paul Revere's hobby or interests?

he likes to make stuff out of silver like he made the libirty bell

Is the Liberty Bell a trademark?

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of American independence. The historic and iconic symbol is located in Philadelphia in the Liberty Bell Pavilion. The bell is owned by the city of Philadelphia but is not a trademark of the city. The name of Liberty Bell is often used commercial reasons.

Who owns the statue of liberty?

who owns the statue of libirty

Which country is big ben located in?

Big Ben, the nickname for the Westminster Palace tower's bell, is located in England, in the city of London.

Was the sons of liberty plan successful?

because it gave them libirty

What is the population of City of Bell scandal?

City of Bell scandal's population is 36,664.

When was City Bell created?

City Bell was created on 1914-05-10.

What city was Alexander Bell born in?

Alexander grand bell was born in Edinburgh the city!!

Where is the Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell is located at Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The state that the liberty bell is in?

The liberty bell is located in Philadelphia

What city lies to the south of the city of Bell?

What state or country? There are many cities of Bell in the world.

Where is Liberty Bell Philadelphia located?

The Liberty Bell is located in the Liberty Bell Center. The address of the Liberty Bell Center is: 525 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. It was commissioned in 1752.

In what city is the liberty bell in?

The Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Where is the Bell Library in Bell located?

The address of the Bell Library is: 4411 East Gage Ave., Bell, 90201 1216

What city is the home to the Liberty Bell?

The city that is home to the Liberty Bell is known as Philadelphia. The location of the Bell itself is Independence National Historic Park.

Most bohemian cities in the us?

Bell City, CA, more like Bell End City!

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