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In what countries are abortions legal?

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The UK, Northern Ireland, the US, most of Europe, Russia and South Africa. Other countries, such as Spain, The Republic of Ireland, Japan and India, it is legal, but only for reasons such as rape, socioeconomic conditions, foetal health, mental health and maternal health.

2009-12-11 13:41:53
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Can you still get abortions?

Yes it's legal in most countries.

What are the statistics for the amount of abortions in countries where they are illegal compared to countries where they are legal?

The number of abortions are the same whether it's legal in the countries or not. It's just more women becoming sterile or dying when it's illegal.

When did back alley abortions occur?

Before abortions became legal. Back alley abortions basically means illegal abortions. They are not actually performed in the alley itself but in hiding, out of the public eye as opposed to legal clinics. They are still done unfortunately in many countries.

Are abortions legal in S.C.?

Abortions are legal in ALL states since 1973.

Percentage of legal abortions performed in Kentucky?

All abortions performed in Kentucky are legal ones.

What countries have legalized abortions?

The UK has legalized Abortions.

Are abortions illegal?

No it's legal in most countries incl the USA (since 1973 in all states).

Abortions in Canada?

They are legal, yes.

Are abortions legal in Canada?

Yes it is.

How many abortions is too many?

There are no legal limits for how many abortions a woman is allowed to have.

Is abortions legal in all states?


Is legal abortions in England?

Yes abortions have been legal in the UK for many many years already and it's allowed up to week 24.

How many womens died from abortions?

Between 1-2 women a year die from legal abortions in the US.

Are abortions legal in Arkansas?

Yes, abortions have been legal in Arkansas since 1973. They are legal during the first trimester in all 50 states due to the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, (1973). States may apply some restrictions to later term abortions.

Are abortions available in Canada?

Yes, it's legal and available.

Are abortions legal in GA?

Abortion is legal in ALL of USA, in ALL of the states since 1973!

Difference between ethics and religion ethics and law?

A religion may have ethics that are separate from laws.For example, in many religions abortions are prohibited; however in many countries abortions are allowed. Religious laws do not necessarily become part of a society's legal code.

When did abortions start like 1970's?

Before 1973, abortions were being performed in the U.S.; they were, however, illegal. Roe v. Wade (argued December 13, 1971, reargued October 11, 1972, and decided January 22, 1973) made abortions legal in the U.S. That date is when legal abortions started in the U.S.

How many legal abortions have been performed around the world?

Billions and billions. * Legal abortions approximately 20-30 million yearly, there are not hard statistics available. Illegal, approximately 10-20 million.

Are abortions legal in the United States?

Yes, pursuant to Roe v. Wade.

When did abortions start?

AnswerAbortion became legal, in the US, on January 22, 1973.

What states cannot have abortions?

It's legal in all states since 1973.

Are abortions legal in Arizona?

yes yes cuz i said so hahahan :)

Do Muslim women have abortions?

Yes. Women of all countries, religions, cultures, level in society have abortions. However, the fetus is viewed as becoming a living soul after four months of gestation and abortions after that point are impermissible.

How many abortions does the average abortionist do per day?

The approximate number of legal abortions performed by licensed physicians and attended by qualified medical personnel in 2005 was 1,350,000. The number of illegal abortions would obviously not be available. Abortion has always existed in the US and every country in the world. The only difference in countries where it is legal is that it is available to all women and not just those who could afford it. The upper income and wealthy have always had access to safe abortions. Roe vs. Wade simply allowed all women regardless of their economic or social status to make the same private choices about their bodies.