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The best known Warsaw is in Poland.

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Q: In what country will you find Warsaw?
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What country is the city Warsaw in?

Warsaw is in Poland.

What country is Warsaw located in?

Warsaw is located in Poland

Is Warsaw in a country that has a border on the Mediterranean sea?

Warsaw is not a country, it is the capital of Poland , a country that does not boarder the Mediterranean Sea

In which country are the cities of Auschwitz and Warsaw?

Auschwitz and Warsaw are both in poland, Warsaw is the countries capitol.

Is Warsaw a country?

No! Warsaw is the capital of Poland in Poland we call it: Warszawa

Warsaw is the cabital of what country?

Warsaw is the capital and largest city in Poland

What is Warsaw country and continent?

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is located in Europe.

What is the European country with Warsaw as its capital?

Poland. Tha capital of Poland is Warsaw.

Which Warsaw Pact country was isolated from ther Warsaw Pact countries?


What country has the capital of Warsaw?


What ia the Capital country of Warsaw in Europe?

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland.

Is Warsaw a continent a country or a city?

A city.

Which country are the cities of Auschwitz and Warsaw?


What country is Warsaw in?

it is in Poland, it is also the capitol

Warsaw pact nations invaded what country?


Warsaw is in which country?

Largest city and capital of Poland

What country was a former Warsaw Pact member?


Which country withdrew from the Warsaw pact in 1968?


Why were NATO and the Warsaw Pact created?

NATO was created by the Western country to find security and then Russia had form the Warsaw Pact. It was also created for trading without having to be taxed. The Warsaw pact allowed it's members to trade goods without paying a tax.

In which country would you find PKO Bank Polski?

You could find PKO Bank Polski, like the name indicates, in the country Poland, Warsaw to be exact. Poland is a country with a very dynamic economy, in the contrary to other European countries.

Which Continent will you find the cities of Munich Marseilles and Warsaw?

In the continent of Europe you will find the cities of Munich, Marseilles, and Warsaw.

What country of origin was Marie curie?

Marie curie's country of origin is Warsaw,Poland

When did Germany invade their first country?

1939 in Warsaw, Poland

Which country is Warsaw the capital of?

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland.Capital and largest city in PolandWarsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland.

Where do you find pictures of Warsaw in 1940?

Just go to google, type in Warsaw 1940 under images