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Mainly through electromagnetic waves.

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A form of energy that travels in waves and can move through empty space where there is no air?

Electromagnetic radiation

How does heat move through empty space?

"Heat" is the qualitative sensation or quantification of the absorption of energy. "Heat" does not move through empty space - energy moves through empty space.

How does the suns energy travel through space and reach the earth?

"Nearly all the energy in Earth's atmosphere comes from the sun. Energy travels to Earth as electromagnetic waves, a form of energy that can move through the vacuum of space."-Science Explorer

Does waves move energy through space no matter what?

Some waves do. Both electromagnetic waves and gravity waves are able to move through empty space - and to transport energy through empty space.

What kind of energy that can move through space?


Does radiant energy move through space?


What is the form of energy that can move through space?

Instead of using Wiki Answers to complete your homework, why don't you actually look through your book?

Which type of energy can move through space as a wave?

Energy in the form of electro magnetic waves. Some examples are light,heat,UV etc

Which type of energy can't travel through empty space?

Any form of energy that requires a physical medium to move from place to place could not propagate in empty space. An obvious example is sound energy.

What energy can move through empty space?

electromagnetic radiation

What is energy that can move through an empty space called?


How does the suns energy move through outer space?


Which is the transfer of energy as waves move through space?


What is being transported as the waves move through mater and space?

Energy and information.

What is an energy that can travel through waves and move through empty space?

Gravitational (-GmM/r) and Electromagnetic (hf=hc/r) Energy.

What is the transfer of energy by waves that move through space?

Radiation is the only process because it has infra red waves which has no medium and can travel through space.

What are 3 ways heat energy can move?

Conduction through solids, convection through liquids and gases, and radiation through empty space.

Can sound waves move through space?

space is a vacuum, and sound can't move through a vacuum.

What causes the h ions in the intermembrane space to move through the channels in the membrane and out into the matrix?

The energy of the high energy molecules used for every time 2 high energy electrons move down the chain causes the H+ ions to move to the matrix.

What happens to the energy that is given up by electrons as they move through the electron transport chain?

It is used to pump H+ through a membrane and into the intermembrane space.

How does heat move through the environment by radiation?

Just as light energy moves in the form of electromagnetic waves

What wave form can pass through empty space?

Compression waves, such as sound, cannot move through space due to the lack of a medium. Transverse waves, such as light and radiation, can move through a vacuum such as space. This is related to Einstein's theory of relativity, in which he states that Mass and Energy are the same thing. Essentially, transverse waves, which move at the speed of light, are moving fast enough to metaphorically be their own medium, as stated by the equation E=MC2 (Energy traveling at the speed of light is what we call a photon, which is a very hard concept to explain. The best I can do off the top of my head is that it's almost like it's matter and energy at the same time). Since the energy is it's own medium, the energy can travel through a vacuum, where there is no other medium to support it.

What form of energy do you use to move?

kinetic energy

Nutrients move through an ecosystem in what cycle?

They move through the energy cycle.

How energy moves?

energy move through forces