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Probably two reasons are more important than others. First, the issue of slavery was very divisive between the north and south even before the Declaration of Independence was issued. Second, the new country became divided philosphocally about the powers between the federal and state governments. This led to sectional interests between the north and south and slavery was only one difference. Southern states believed states had rights to overrule federal laws. Southern states refused to sign the Declaration of Independence unless the mention of abolishing slavery was removed. The issue arose again in the Constitutioanl Convention. The north wanted it abolished but the south did not. A compromise was reached as stated in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 1. Essentially, it put the issue of abolition off till 1808, so it was destined to arise again. After that year northern states put pressure on southern ones to abolish slavery but the southern states refused and resented other states interfering in their business. This clash of principles got more and more intense until the southern states had enough and declared their own independence from the United States government.

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The US Civil War was not inevitable. Generally speaking, despite the differences of opinion on a large issue, that of slavery, the election of Abraham, Lincoln was the tinderbox that gained momentum as his day of inauguration came closer and closer. The failure of a united Democratic Party was the prime factor in Abraham Lincoln's election. For all practical purposes, the Democrats had three candidates on the ballot instead of one in the 1860 presidential election.Time and patience among wrong thinking Southerners combined to force the issue. Lincoln, a strong Unionist, guaranteed he had no intention to undermine the Supreme Court and hurt the huge plantation owners. Southerners also had a blind eye towards the history of the USA. Had they been "thinking", it would have given them the realization that Lincoln might easily have been a one term president. In the absence of a war, there was every chance that in 1864, a "friendly" Democrat could have won the 1864 presidential election.Lincoln won a substantial amount of Electoral College Votes, however, if a Democrat such as Stephan A. Douglas was the sole Democratic nominee it's a good opinion that Abraham Lincoln with 31% of the popular vote would not have been elected. The Southern plantation owners had it all in the "bag" so to speak with the US Supreme Court in 1859 legalizing slavery.

With that said, like the British, and with a hand from Adam Smith and his Wealth of Nations, a bit of forward looking vision would have shown that slavery was not a good investment. This lack of understanding in both the South and among abolitionists in the North increased the tension on this crucial issue.

Aside from that, the morality issue would have forced a British style of gradually compensating owners for their slaves. The difficulty, which Lincoln had already realized was that the integration of 4+ million slaves into US society would be a difficult task. That's why he and slave owner, Senator Henry Clay, his friend and political mentor, had some hopes for the American Colonization Society.

Hope, is all they had. With that said, in the worst possible manner African Americans were step by step integrated into society after a war that should never had been needed.

A gradual plan of freedom and compensation would have eased the race relation issues. Having slavery end as a result of the largest mistake in US history, the US Civil War, was the worst result possible.

The 620,000 deaths, a wrecked Southern economy, and all that went with it ended slavery the wrong way and everyone in the USA suffered from it. America overcame that for sure and growth without the South expanded. But imagine the better growth with a united country.

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Q: In what sense was the US Civil War inevitable?
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What is the view of perhaps the most preeminent historian of the US Civil War say about the wars outcome?

Among the top historians of the US Civil War is James M. McPherson. He has studied and written many important books on the US Civil War. He is not alone among his peers in saying that there was nothing inevitable about the Union winning the US Civil War. He stresses that the Union's success depended on maintaining Northern morale and that positive morale was tied in part to Union military campaigns.

Was the civil war beneficial to the harmful of the Us?

Rephrase please, question makes no sense

How did the Southerner's feel at the end of the Civil War towers their slaves?

At the end of the US Civil War there were no slaves, they had all been freed during the war and by the fact that the South lost the war. Thus your question makes no sense and can not be answered.

Did the successon of South Carolina started the Civil war?

Effectively. It encouraged other states to join them in the Confederacy. There was a showdown with Lincoln over the US Army garrison at Fort Sumter, and then war was inevitable.

When did the result of the US Civil War become inevitable?

Concerning the US Civil War, historians are cautious about naming the result of any battle that then made the outcome of the War inevitable. Of course this discounts the obvious, such as the fall of Richmond or the Robert E. Lee surrender to US Grant. Historians all armed with the same set of facts have all expressed different opinions as to why and when the outcome of the war was inevitable.Based on all information many people have read, it appears that the reelection of US President Lincoln was a point in time where time for the South became limited. Ironically, Lincoln's first election and his last election mark the beginning and end of the War.

What is worse a Iraq war or civil war?

The civil war was much worse, it was us against us. More people died in the civil war

Was cold war inevitable?

While the Cold War was a likely outcome of the relations between the US and the USSR, it was not inevitable. What was amazing, however, was the fact that a shooting war never developed between the two.

Did the North or South have a strong sense of being wronged during the US Civil War?

The South had a sharp sense of having been wronged, by the federal government treating them unfairly

How long takes reconstruction last in US after civil war?

us civil war

What year did the us split in the Civil War?

US Civil War 1861-1865.

What is another term for the US Civil War?

With regards to the US Civil War, many historians prefer to use the term of The War Between the States. For some historians, what is generally called the US Civil War, is not an accurate use of the term "civil war".

How did Manifest destiny and the civil war strengthen the US?

Because they both reunited the people of the country as well as it gave them a sense of belonging.

1st important civil war battle?

The first important war in the US Civil War was the First Battle of Bull Run, won by the South.The assault on Fort Sumter was not a battle of the US Civil War. It was an act of rebellion that led to the US Civil War.

What does s stand for in the Civil War?

Us civil war

Was the US Civil War really a civil war in 1861?

Yes, it actually was a civil war :P

Why was Fort Sumter so important to the US Civil War?

The Confederate capture of Fort Sumter was important to the US Civil War because it was the event that led to the US Civil War.

Which war had the most deaths for US soldiers?

the civil war the civil war

Where there farewell dances for the US Civil War?

Yes there were farewell dances for the US civil war

Did William Carney die in the civil war?

No, the first Freed Slave US Civil War hero survived the US Civil War. He died in 1908.

What were 2 southern advantages during the civil war?

Two advantages of the South in the US Civil War: 1. superior leadership 2. fighting to protect their home territory Two advantages of the North in the US Civil War: 1. larger population 2. superior manufacturing and industrial resources The defeat of the South was inevitable in prolonged war. The only way the North could be defeated was through the war weariness of the population.

What came first the US Civil War the War of 1812 or the Korean War.?

The US civil War began in 1861 and the Korean War began in 1950 and the War of 1812 began in 1812. So it goes from left to right War of 1812, US Civil War, Korean War

Which president declared the Civil War?

The US Civil War was an un-declared war.

What is the name of the us war between north and the south?

the civil war The Civil War.

Was the US Civil War significant?

The US Civil War was indeed significant, affecting millions of people.

What was the official name of the US Civil War?

The American Civil War.