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Q: In what specific place in the world does not experience day and night?
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Do all the places of the world experience day and night too?

hai.. paki answer.. :)(

Where is the best place to spot meteor shower?

Ideally you should be away from bright light sources at night, but the specific place will be unique to the part of the world you are in. Chances are there will be an amature astronomy group in your local area that will know the best time and place.

Where does the warrior cats books take place?

It doesn't take place in a specific part of the world.

Do you have to live in a specific place to be a vet?

No, there are many places around the world. The chooses are endless.

What bird sounds like a human whistling and whistles at night?

Depends on where in the world you are, the question needs to be more specific.

1998 world event that took place?

A lot of world events took place in 1998. Please be more specific as to which area of the world. For a general list take a look at the related link.

Is there a place that you can get a mount without being exalted in World of Warcraft?

Yes there is. You do not need to be exalted with your home race to buy mounts from them at the appropriate experience levels. For example: if you are a human, you can get the human's mount at any reputation level, but Night Elves must be exalted.

What does the world's default embarkation point for space tourists mean?

An embarkation point is the place you leave from. A space tourist is someone who pays to go into space to enjoy the experience. "Default" means what you do if there are no other specific instructions. So the default embarkation point for space tourists is the place you leave from if you are going on a pleasure trip into space, unless some other place is specified. Since there isn't an awful lot of space tourism, there is only one such place in the world.

What is the most nicest place to live in this world should be specific and why?

i think that the carribean is a very nice place as i go on holiday there every year :)

Where did the people from 2012 end up?

The people don´t be stayu a specific place , but in everywhere in the world

Where did the genocide take place?

There have been many genocides all over the world, so you have to be more specific.

What temperature it is in the desert and at night?

There are about 2 dozen major desert areas in the world and each has its own weather statistics. You need to be specific.