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The car dealership, Showcase Honda, can be found in the state of Arizona. It is located in the city of Phoenix and is open from 8 am to 10 pm on most days of the week.

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Q: In what state can the Showcase Honda car dealership be found?
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If i buy a used car from a dealership in one state can the dealership register it in another state?

No, you would need to register it. The dealership simply "signs off".

How do you get a dealership liecense to go to dealership auction?

go to the state dealers association.

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How does an out of state automotive dealership regisier with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue?

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Laws differ from state, to state.

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the dealership has the codes also depending on which state your in theres Advace auto parts the have a book that has the codes the port to check the codes is under the dash

Is there a lemon law for used cars from a dealership?

check with your state laws. it varies from state to state.

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