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In what way are earth and mars similar?


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Earth and Mars are similar in few ways. First, Earth and Mars are rocky based planets. They have similar gravity and an atmosphere.

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Mars is very similar to Earth. Mars' year and day are very similar to Earth compared to other planets.

The rotation of Mars is very similar to the rotation of earth. Its axial tilt, the length of its day, and the direction of its rotation are all very similar to those of earth.

Earth is the most similar to Mars.

It would look similar to the way it does from Earth, only smaller as Mars is further away.

Mars has the same seasons like Earth .Mars is a inner planet just like Earth.

No. Mars has about one tenth of Earth's mass. Venus, howevr, does have a similar mass to Earth.

mars and earth are the same because the length of a day on mars is about the same as it is on earth's rate of rotation is 24 hours and 37 min. Mars and earth both have long seasons because of there similar tilt on their axis. the air pressure is about the same on mars as it is on earth.

The planet similar in size to Earth is Mars.

Venus and Mars are the planets most similar to earth.

Mars is most similar in temperature to earth.

Mars has a similar size to the Earth. There may be life on Mars. Actually, the Earth is almost twice the size of Mars (1.88 --> 1). Venus is much closer to the size of Earth (1.05 --> 1)

Mar's wind is wispy and strong likes earth's

Galaxy and Milky Way (The milky Way IS a galaxy)EarthMars.

Earth is bigger. Earth is about twice the diameter of Mars and more than 6 times the volume.

Mars is very similar to earth and because of the tilt, like earth, it has 4 seasons.

Earth is about twice the size of Mars. The radius from core to surface of Mars is 3396km whereas the radius from core to surface of Earth is 6371km.

As far as we know, Mars is the planet that is the most similar to the earth.

Earth is similar to Mars because we know that life is possible on earth and some scientists believe that life is also possible in mars because it has some things which is also present in Earth and is needed for all living things.

Yes, they are similar in size, and there is evidence that there was once water, a stabil magnetic field, and an atmosphere on Mars.

They are similar sizes and are (relatively) close together.

The places on earth most similar to Mars are the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica.

Mars has plains, canyons, volcanoes, valleys, gullies, and polar ice similar to Earth.

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