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how did Ned Kelly contribute 2 developing Australian identity

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When did ned kelly come to Australia?

Ned Kelly was born in Australia. He was born in 1854 in Beveridge, Victoria.

How old was Ned Kelly when he was transported?

Ned Kelly was not transported. He was born in Australia.

How did Ned Kelly come to Australia?

Ned Kelly was born in Australia. He was born in December 1854 in Beveridge, Victoria.

How did Ned Kelly end up in Australia?

Ned Kelly was born in Australia. He was born in December 1854 in Beveridge, Victoria.It was Ned Kelly's father who came to Australia as a convict.

Where was Ned Kelly hung?

Ned Kelly was hung in the Melbourne Gaol in Melbourne, Australia.

Is Ned Kelly a convict?

Ned Kelly was not a convict. He was a bushranger, and he was born a free person in Australia.

Why did Ned Kelly come to Australia?

ned kelly was born in Australia to Irish parents.the parents immagrated looking for a better life.

What effect did ned kelly have on Australia?

ned didnt really have an effect on australia as far as i know

What impact did Ned Kelly have on Australia?

He doesn't

Where in the world was Ned Kelly making his contribution?

Ned Kelly was a bushranger in Australia. Specifically, he was active in northern Victoria.

Did ned kelly have a mum and a dad?

Ned Kelly is best known for being a folk hero in the country of Australia. Ned Kelly had both a mom and a dad. Their names were Ellen Quinn and John Kelly.

Where did ned kelly get shot?

Ned Kelly was shot and killed when he was in Melbourne, Australia. he was a bushranger. Many think of him as a folk hero.

What was the nationality of Ned Kelly?

Ned Kelly himself was fully Australia, being born in Victoria. His family, however, was Irish.

Where did ned kelly live as a child?

he lived in australia

What is the most famous criminal in Australia?

ned kelly

What country was Ned Kelly born in?

Although Ned Kelly's parents were Irish, Ned himself was born in Australia.

Was Ned Kelly Irish?

ned kelly was not Irish he was infact born in Victoria Australia, but he did have Irish ansestory as his father was an Irish convict.

What society or community did Ned Kelly grow up in?


What did Ned Kelly think about the police in Australia?

Ned Kelly was most disrespectful of the police or, as they were then known, "troopers". He had no regard for either their position or their authority.

What did Ned Kelly do for Australia?

nothig at all but kill police men

How did Ned Kelly become famous?

Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger in Australia. He was famous for the siege at Glenrowan where he held an entire town hostage. The Ned Kelly gang had a shot out with police and Ned was shot twenty eight times in the legs. Ned survived the gun shots but was sentenced and hung in 1880.

Where did Ned Kelly commit his crimes in Australia?

Most of Ned Kelly's crimes were committed in central northern Victoria.

What date did dan kelly die?

Dan Kelly died on June 18th of 1880. He was a bushranger in Australia and the brother of Ned Kelly.

How does Australia recognize Ned Kelly?

because of the bad things he's done

Where was Dan Kelly born?

Like his famous brother, bushranger Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly was born near Beveridge in Victoria, Australia.

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