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What are the legal incentives to ethical marketing practices?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other federal and state government agencies are charged both with enforcing the laws and creating policies to limit unfair marketing practices

What percentage of businesses are involved in marketing activities?

Over 4 million firms in the United State have marketing as their primary business acttivity

What city in the United States has more job openings for brand marketing?

Based on job search sites, there is not one particular city in the United States that has more job openings for brand marketing. However, the state of California had the most job openings overall for brand marketing.

What is most favored country?

IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.IT is the United State.

How did industrialization change the united states?

because it made the state richer.

What do you mean by term marketing environment?

The marketing environment refers to the state of marketing surrounding the business. Current trends in marketing help determine a business's strategy.

What is the average marketing degree salary today?

Depending on what degree you have in marketing will change what your base pay would be. It can range from forty thousand to one hundred and thirty thousand dollars per year, that doesn't include bases on your state.

What alpine state practices political neutrality?


How agricultural practices very worldwide?

Agricultural practices are worldwide because it is farming. Farming is in almost every state.

What US state has the largest farm marketing?


What is the birthplace of the United State?

Philadelphia is considered the birthplace of the united states not the united state

How much will 600 pounds be if change into united state dollars?

about 900 and something dollars! its more dollar to the pound

What is the population of the united state at the last census?

The population is 281,421,906 people. Percent Change - 13.2% Most Populous State - California 33,871,648 Least Populous State - Wyoming 493,782

A change of state is a?

A change of state is a physical change (not a chemical change).

Is change of state a chemical change?

No, change of state is a physical change.

What type of change is a change of state?

A change of state is a molecular change.

Who found united state?

Georgie Washington found united state

Is a change of state a physical or chemical change?

A change of state: Solid <-> Liquid <-> Gas A change of state is a physical change.

Should the United States constitution allow foreign born citizen to serve as president of the united state?

It does not now, and any change would require a Constitutional Amendment.

Is the united kingdom a failed state?

The United Kingdom is not a failed state but a first world state.

What are the foreclosure laws in the state of California?

The Foreclosure Laws in the State of California Adhere to Nonjudicial and Judicial Practices. Judicial Practices Involves Filing a Lawsuit. in a Nonjudicial Practice There Are No Court Proceedings.

Why was slavery tolerated when the united state was found?

The idea that all men were created equal was not prevalent at the time. Basic human rights were not established. Therefore, practices such as slavery were not illegal and not largely objected to.

What state in the United States is the largest?

The largest state in the united staes is Alaska

Is the United Kindom a nation-state?

Yes, and is represented as such at the United Nations.

What was the fifth state of the United States?

Connecticut was the 5th state in the United States.