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Progressivists thought big business needed to be regulated because it naturally abuses its employees and labor workers. Also, they needed to make sure it was fair pay for fair work. Thus, the creation of the unions started here.

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Q: In what ways did progressives believe big bissiness should be regulated?
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Who did efficiency progressives believe that cities should be run by?

Efficiency progressives believe that cities should be ran by the government.

What did Progressives generally believe there should be?

Progressives wanted economic reform, and a more liberal social environment.

Does combat arms work on vista bissiness?

It should yes.

Who did progressives believe should protect public against the abuses of big business?


What progressive believe?

Most notably, progressives believe in progressive taxation, or tax rates that increase as the amount taxed increases. Progressives are strong supporters of social programs, including public education, welfare, and single payer health care. Progressive have liberal social values: they support social equality for people of all races, genders, religions and sexual orientations. They also believe abortions should be safe and legal. Progressives are environmentalists: they generally believe in cap and trade and renewable energy. Some notable progressives are Russ Feingold, Al Franken, and Nancy Pelosi.

How did Progressives plan to improve government?

Progressives believed that the government should have policies that protected workers. They also thought government should help the poor.

Is it appropriate for euthanasia to be regulated by a state or should it be regulated at the national level?

It better be regulated by a state

Should monopolistic competition be regulated?

Monopolistic competitions should be regulated to protect consumers against exploitation.

Should media is self regulated or regulated by Legislation?

if media is regulated by government then in that country the freedom of speech is strickly controlled but even developed countries like US where media is self regulated it still is in some way controlled by the state to lead the people to believe certain things, such as war on aghanistan and etc a lot of information is hidden to the publlic

Which beliefs did the progressives not share with the socialist?

That people should own utilities

Progressives generally believed there should be?

Progressives pushed for changes in city governments in order to fight the old "machine politics of Gilded Age.

Should urls be regulated?

There are various arguments for internet URLs being regulated. Some argue that pornographic sites should have to have their own URL.