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mabey it would bring war between the U.S. the British

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In what ways might the U.S. victory over great Britain in the war of 1812 affect the status of the US in the world?

Victory meant independence from control by Great Britain. It also began, eventually, the emergence of the United States of America. Thankfully, the USA and Great Britain are friends now!

What is the most northerly city in Great Britain?

The most northerly city (official status) in Great Britain (and the UK) is Inverness.

Was Churchill great?

Yes because he lead Great Britain into Victory and help the Allies win the war

The man who led Great Britain to victory in the Seven Years' War was?

A man named William Pitt led Great Britain to victory in the Seven Year War. The Seven Year War happened from 1756 to 1763.

How did events in the northwest territory affect US relationships with Great Britain?

How did events in the Northwest territory affect U.S. relations with Britain?

How did the industrial revolution affect the position of Great Britain in world politics?

The Industrial revolution started in Great Britain. It made Great Britain the most powerful country in the world at that time.

How did Great Britain affect the Revolutionary War?

They started the Boston Massacre. Great Britain lost the American colony as a result of the war.

What year did Ireland finish separate from great Britain?

the republic was set up in 1937 by we where given dominion status from Britain in 1921

How did the Reformation affect the world?

How did the Reformation in Great Britain affect the colonization of the New World? Explain.

Why did loyalists appose independence from Britain?

Loyalists opposed independence from Great Britain because they believed in the legal status of colony to Crown, that the Sovereign of Great Britain, the King, retained his rightful status as King despite the protests of some colonials concerning mismanagement of the colonies. Samuel Johnston: "Taxation is no tyranny."

How did the Revolutionary War affect the colonists?

It gave them freedom of Great Britain.

How did the COld War affect Great Britain?

Europe was shielded by the US.

Who becomes the Prime Minister of Great Britain and led Great Britain in their victory at all costs strategy against Hitler?

Sir Winston Churchill after a vote of no confidence in the house against Neville Chamberlain.

Who won the battle of the cedars?

The Battle of The Cedars was fought between Great Britain and the United Colonies. Great Britain won a tactical victory, however the battle ended up having no strategic consequences.

Why was the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783 a victory for the US?

Great Britain recognized the US as an independent nation. They had just fought a war against each other, and at the end, Great Britain realized that Americans were free and independent.

How did fascism nazism and communism affect Great Britain in World War 2?

These three ideological forced Great Britain to take a stand to prevent their spread. Great Britain had to fight the Axis Powers to make that these ideals did not take over the world.

Name the country where all the JK Rowling books are set?

Great Britain.Great Britain.Great Britain.Great Britain.

How did world war ii affect great Britain?

It caused a decrease in production and power.

What has the author Edwin Samuel Montagu written?

Edwin Samuel Montagu has written: 'The means of victory' -- subject(s): Firearms industry and trade, Great Britain, Great Britain. Ministry of Munitions, World War, 1914-1918

Should the colonist free themselves from great Britain?

The escape from colonial status seems to have been a necessary part of the political evolution of the United States and the various other countries which have also freed themselves from Great Britain.

Who skated to victory in ravels bolero?

(Jayne) Torvill and (Christopher) Dean in the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, representing Great Britain

How did the federal blockade of New Orleans affect the citizens of Louisiana?

It stopped the trade going to and from Great Britain. This was bad because much of the cotton in New Orleans went to Great Britain.

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