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Q: In what ways the ideas of Shah Waliullah and Syed Ahmed Shaheed be called progressive?
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When was Ahmed Shaheed born?

Ahmed Shaheed was born in 1964.

Why Syed Ahmad Barelvi was called the man of action?

why was syed ahmed shaheed called men of action

Was the work of syed ahmed shaheed the most important factor in the revival of Islam in the period 1700-1850?

Yes and No as Shahwaliullah was a great scholar and as Ahmed Shaheed barailvi was not too bad himself.

Who started jihad movement in 1826?

Syed Ahmed Shaheed.

Who started the Jihad movement in 1826?

syed ahmed shaheed barelvi

Who is sir syed ahmed shaheed?

Syed Ahmed Shaheed Barelvi was born near Lucknow in the small town of Rai Barelvi in 1786. He was a reformer. He was more a man of action than a scholar and in 1810 joined forces of Amir Khan a Pathan military leader. He organised Jihad against non-Muslims.

Who was invited by shah waliullah to attack India for plitical ends?

he invited ahmed shah abdali and nadir shah abdali according to faran

Why did Syed Ahmed Shaheed Bravili conduct jihad against the Sikhs in early 19th century?

Yes, they were both pro-British and anti-Sufi Muslims.

Who is the president of anti corruption commission of Maldives?

Ahmed Shaheed was never the President of Anti-Corruption Commission of Maldives. The current President of Anti-Corruption Commission of Maldives is Mr. Hassan Luthfee.

Was the work of syed ahmed shaheed brailvi the most important factor in the revival of Islam in 1700-1850?

Yes, the work of Syed Ahmad Shaheed Brailvi, Shah Wali Ullah Muhaddis Dhlvi and his sons was the most important factor in the revival of Islam in that period. Anyhow, the services of many scholars,Madrissas and Sufis during that period can't be ignored.

Did syed ahmed shaheed barailvi contribute to the revival of Islam before 1850?

Yes. He started a movement that inspired the Muslims to struggle for Islam. The movement was also against the un-Islamic customs introduced wrongly in Islam.

Who called himself the incarnation of Krishna?

Mirza Gulam Ahmed.

Why is your name ahmed?

because your mum and dad called you it

What actors and actresses appeared in I Am Ahmed Ahmed - 2006?

The cast of I Am Ahmed Ahmed - 2006 includes: Ahmed Ahmed

What is Bakugan season 5 called?

It is called Tech brawlers. I am awesome, Mearaz Ahmed.

Why syed ahmed shaheed jihad movement was failed?

fighting was not organized his army was teachers and scholars, common people not trained fighter his army was from different places,so they followed their own ideas role of yar muhammad

Was the work of Syed Ahmed Barelvi the most important factor in the revival of Islam in the period 1700-1850?

The work of Syed Ahmed Shaheed Barevi was crucial in the period of his lifetime in reviving Islam, however the likes of Shah Waliullah and Haji Shariatullah also contributed to a vast extent in this category. Syed Ahmed Barelvi's work took him to numerous military expeditions all over India. Before leavign for Hajj, he scouted all of India, as well as Afghanistan for people willing to take up the cause for Jihad. Upon returning, he immediately set his eyes towards the Sikh ruler of Punjab, Ranjit Singh, who had been accustomed to oppressing Muslims. The dismissal of Syed Ahmed Barelvi's ultimatum led to him defeating the Sikhs at Okara and then Hazrothe. These victories rekindled the dying embers of hope in the Muslims and united them in a singular cause of armed struggle against those who treated the Muslims with hostility. Upon being established as an 'imam', he also ensured that the Muslims would not fight against each other and succumb to the strategy of the Sikhs', who had been exploiting the fact that Syed Ahmed Barelvi's army was made up of different communities, something they rendered 'un-Islamic'. He further anulled any chances of fighting of fellow Muslims fighting one other when he moved his headquarters to Balakot, so as to avoid fighting with Yar Muhammad's brother and his army. Even when was betrayed and ambushed upon, he and his army fought to the very end, regardless of the consequences. The principles he believed in were very rare. He disregarded worldly luxuries and inspired all those around him to be a sincere and devout Muslim. Another prominent leader in this period was Shah Waliullah. His works were numerous, but very decisive. According to him, the Muslims in India were deprived of a deep understanding of their religion. So, he availed himself as a role model, accessible to all those who sought help in understanding Islam. Furthermore, he also wrote 51 books, many of which were important and helped the Islamic community. For example, his account of the lives of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs was written in such a way that it was acceptable to both the Sunnis and Sh'ias. This helped in soothing the religious differences between the two. Furthermore, Shah Waliullah translated the Qur'an into Persian, a widely spoken language in the sub-continent so that the Muslims could understand what the message of Islam really was. It was on this basis that the two sons of Shah Waliullah translated the Qur'an into Urdu, making it even more accessible. The efforts of Shah Waliullah to unite the Muslims against the ever-offensive Marathas was also crucial in this period. Even though many nobles declined, he managed to persuade Ahmed Shah Abdali of Persia to defeat the Marathas in 1761 further prolonging the short-lived freedom Muslims had. Besides, the 'madrassa' run by Shah Waliullah was also to play a pivotal part in the live of Syed Ahmad Barelvi as it was here that he learned of the Islamic teachings and principles, under his sons. As for Haji Shariatullah, his work was based on the Faraizi Movement. His continuous urging to Muslims to stand up for their rights led to them no longer bearing the down-trodden chains of the Hindu and British landlords. His work led to unity within the Muslims in Bengal, they now realized their rights and that they too could work for their own cause. His work, to some extent, raised the spiritual and economic situations of these Muslims and it was he who acted as inspiration for his son, Mohsin-ud-din, who was to later further his work and establish the Muslims as a united force who helped one another, as brothers-in-arms, according to the principles of Islam. To conclude, each and every leader played a very crucial role in their own way, however some played it better than than the others, namely, Shah Waliullah. His work in reviving Islam was spread all across the subcontinent and his work was very diverse. However, as compared to him, Haji Shariatullah's work was confined to East Bengal, and his movement died after a short life. As for Ahmed Shaheed Barelvi, his work, though essential, was met with failure. He was unsuccessful in his original goal; to establish Muslims rulers and ultimately died a noble death. *Written as per CIE O' Levels standards, as required.

Does jaden smith fancy a girl called nagina ahmed?


When was Ahmed Tijani Ahmed born?

Ahmed Tijani Ahmed was born in 1941.

When was Ahmed Dini Ahmed born?

Ahmed Dini Ahmed was born in 1932.

When did Ahmed Dini Ahmed die?

Ahmed Dini Ahmed died in 2004.

Compare achievements of shah waliullah and ahmed shahid barelvi?

Shah Wali-Ullah rendered many religious services. He completed the translation of Holy Quran in Persian in 1738. Later on his sons Shah Rafi-ud-Din and Shah Abdul Qadir translated the Holy Quran in Urdu. Moreover Shah Wali-Ullah termed the Hadith collection by Imam Muttah as the most authentic and wrote its commentary in Arabic and Persian. Shah Wali-Ullah also arranged the Hadith in respect of their topics. In addition he worked for the renaissance of Islam. He propagated that Islam was a universal power and thus the Muslims should be the dominant force in the Sub-Continent and elsewhere.Shah Wali-Ullah trained students in different branches of Islamic knowledge and entrusted them with the teaching of students. He recommended the application of Ijtihad against blind Taqlid in his famous work Aqad-al-jaiyad-fi-Ahkam-al-Ijtihad wa-al-Taqlid.He studied the writings of each school-of-thought to understand their point of view, and then wrote comprehensive volumes about what is fair and just in light of the teachings of Islam. He adopted an analytical and balanced approach towards four major school-of-thought of mysticism. In order to create a balance betweeen the four schools i.e. Hanafi, Malaki, Shafii, Hambali he wrote Al-Insaf-fi-bayan-sabab-al-Ikhtilaf. He worked out a system of thought, beliefs, and values, on which all but the extremists could agree. He thus provided a spiritual basis or national cohension.Apart from imparting religious education to muslims, Shah Waly Ulla also provided leadership to the muslims in the political field. He came out with his great wisdom and foresight to create political awakening in the muslims of India. This gave muslims a strong and religous leader to guide them as the previous leaders were pleasure-seeking and least considered about other matters.

When was Ahmed Ahmed born?

Ahmed Ahmed was born in June 1970, in Helwan, Egypt.

Why eggs are often called an amnion?

because it has amembrane by answer of abdirahman ahmed mohamed dhaqane& mohamed ahmed hadi seefo teacher of biology in amoud university

When was Ahmed Shakeel Shabbir Ahmed born?

Ahmed Shakeel Shabbir Ahmed was born in 1953.

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