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Q: In what year did Suzuki make their first water-cooled RM 125 motorcycle?
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What was the first make of quad bikes?


Does Yamaha make a motorcycle that starts with letter h?

You may be thinking of a Suzuki Hayabusa. but I don't believe Yamaha has one.

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The first motorcycle was the 1885 Daimler-Maybach

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Because he found out that DJ is black. And it amazed him to the point where he has to make a motorcycle.

What is a used Suzuki B King worth?

A Suzuki B-King is a type of motorcycle. The value of the motorcycle is figured with consideration of many factors. The year, make, model, style, customizations, condition, and miles driven all influence the value of the motorcycle. These motorcycles are currently listed on the market anywhere between approximately $4,000 to $12,000.

What years did Suzuki make the GT750 motorcycle?

Suzuki produced the GT750 between the years 1971 and 1977. It launched in Japan in September 1971 and it's last model, the GT750B, was produced in 1977.

What size Suzuki motorcycle engine has the engine code N705?

To my limited knowledge that would make it a 600 cc from possibly a -95 gsx600f

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A Shogun Pro 125 is a Suzuki motorcycle. There are numberous videos on youtube suggesting various modifications that can be made.

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Yes they do. It is called the Harley Davidson CVO softail convertible motorcycle. There may also be other models, but this is the first motorcycle I found.

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will they make any more suzuki cars

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The Kawasaki Aircraft Company was founded in the 1920s. Their first venture into motorcycles was in the late 1940s when they started using their engine expertise to make motorcycle engines. In 1954 they produced their first complete motorcycle under the name Meihatsu, a subsidiary of Kawasaki.

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Putting your clay into a motorcycle shape

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No, not at all. David Suzuki is a Japanese Canadian environmentalist and is in no way connected to Suzuki Cars.

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I had a 1974 Suzuki 750, it was a two stroke and I believe the first water cooled motorscyle. It was called a Water Buffalo. Honda 750 Fours were the hot bike of the day and this motorcycle would WALK away from them in a race. Mark Malatesta maico make a motorcycle with a single cylinder 700cc two stroke gas engine

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Suzuki is the second most reliable make of car in the UK.

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yeah it kinda is...

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You will need to pay off the lien first, or arrange with the lienholder to be able to make a sale.

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To kick start a motorcycle, first make sure the motorcycle is in neutral. Then turn on the key and turn the throttle while putting the foot down hard on the kick start lever. Also make sure that the clutch is also depressed. Some motorcycles will not start unless the clutch is engaged.

Oil change on suzuki bolvard s40?

Here is a link with lots of pictures. I did it and I have no mechanical experience whatsoever. Also, make sure you buy motorcycle oil and NOT automotive. 10w-40 is recommended by Suzuki.;action=display;num=1099572561

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