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Where was the biggest cattle drive?

The Chisolm Trail

What cattle trail goes through Oklahoma City?

the Chisolm and the Great Western Cattle Trail.

What are the five cattle trails cattle kingdom?

Chisolm Trail Shawnee Trail Bozeman Trail Goodnight-Loving Trail Western Trail

What was the most popular cattle trail Texas?

Type your answer here... Chisolm Trail

What were the three main cattle trails during the cattle kingdom?

Chisolm Trail is one.

Who drove the cattle on the Chisholm trail?

In the late 1800s the Chisolm trail was used to drive cattle by cowboys. The cowboys originated in Texas and drove the cattle to Kansas to be sold.

Why did chisholm trail lead to Kansas wikianswers?

It was a trail used to move cattle from Texas, where Chisolm started, north to Kansas where they have either passed through to further north or sold to cattle buyers in that state.

What were the names of the famous cattle drives in Texas?

Some famous cattle trails in Texas were:Goodnight-Loving TrailGreat Western TrailChisholm TrailSedalia (Shawnee) Trail

What is Wichita KS known for?

Wichita was a stop on the Chisolm trail, and was a destination for eastward-bound cattle drives. Its claim to fame is being the "Air Capital of the World", because several aircraft companies started there, including Stearman, Cessna, Mooney, and Beechcraft.

Was the Old Chisolm Trail desert like?

The Chisholm Trail was a trail used in the late 19th century to drive cattle overland from ranches in Texas to Kansas rail heads. It does not pass through any deserts.

Were cattle drives profitable to Texas ranchers?

Yes, since the end-point of this drive was the sale of cattle at the end of the trail.

What is one trail that cattle drives used?

Chisholm, goodnight - loving. the western. applegate

Why did cowboys drive their cattle north from Texas along the Chisholm Trail?

Cowboys took cattle up to Kansas from Texas because they could get a better price for their cattle. They used the Chisolm Trail to avoid passing through areas where it was illegal or dangerous to bring Texas Longhorns, who were known to carry ticks harmful to other cattle breeds.

What did American pioneers learn from those who traveled west before them?

Oregon trail Chisolm trail

When was the Chisholm trail made?

Somewhere around 1860, after the the trails into Missouri were closed and cattle drives were directed into Kansas.

What was The Chisolm Trail and the Goodnight-Loving Trail two prominent examples of?

ur facee :D

How many miles is montgomary al from the chisolm trail?

Roughly 650

Where is the Chisolm Trail Antique Farm Michael Kline in Boyd Texas located?

The address of the Chisolm Trail Antique Farm Michael Kline is: Po Box 1367, Boyd, TX 76023-1367

What types of cattle where on the Oregon Trail?

the types of cattle on the Oregon Trail were longhorn cattle, beef cattle, and Dairy cattle

What city did the great cattle drive start in Texas?

waco Actually the Chisholm Trail cattle drives originated at the Red River in Indian Territory, what is now Oklahoma.

What city did the Chisolm Trail start in?

It is unknown if the Chisholm Trail started in San Antonio, Texas or at the Rio Grande.

What was the name of the first cattle trail?

the first cattle trail was the Chisholm trail

What did the demand for beef in the East contribute to?

It contributed (or led) to the development of the Chisolm Trail.

What was the first great cattle trail in Texas?

The first great cattle trail in Texas in the Chisholm trail.

What was the sedalia trail?

A cattle drive trail to move cattle from Texas to Missouri

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