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They were invented in the 1940s or somat not internet more like typing and films.

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Charles Babbage invented his computer in the year 1822

Yes Babbage did invent the computer

Philip Emeagwali did not invent the computer

The first electronic computer was invented sometime in the mid 20th century, 1940-1945.

He did not invent the home computer. IBM did.

NoBecause steve wozniak help him create the first apple computer.

christopher sholes did not invent the computer he invented the typewirter

He didn't invent the computer, he invented the telephone.

They didn't. They didn't even invent the abacus (which is only a calculation aid not a computer).

The first person to invent the monitor was Allen B. DuMont in the year 1920.

No, a Bulgarian did not invent the computer

He didn't invent the computer. His breakthroughs in computing were DOS and Windows operating systems.

yes he did invent the caluclater and the computer

Steve Jobs didn't invent the computer. The modern-day computer was invented in 1873 by Charles Babbage.

Charles Babbage invented the computer

CHARLES BABBAGE , the person who invented the computer

They got tired of being the computer.

Steve Jobs did not invent the Apple computer. Steve Wozniac invented the Apple computer in his home in Los Altos, California.

Albert Einstein didn't invent the computer he died in the early 1900's before even the weakest computers were created.

He didn't invent electricity. So there is no year.

Well, no year because he didn't invent it.

a great computer is invent in 1997 by shivangshivang1 which is robot

yes they do have inventet the first computer

Lots of people did not invent the computer. I'm one of them, but I'm extremely grateful to Charles Babbage and Lord Byron's daughter.

Ada Lovelace did not invent the computer. She is, however, considered to be the writer of the first computer program which was written for a mathematical machine called the Difference Engine and she is considered the 'mother of computer programming.'

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