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In 1954, a set of documents called the Geneva Accords was signed, splitting the Vietnamese region of French Indochina into two separate countries called North Vietnam and South Vietnam. However, the Geneva Accords also included a provision that called for elections in the future to join the two into one unified country.

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Vietnam was split into two countries during the vietnam war, the north was ruled by Ho Chi Minh and the South by Ngo Diem.

Vietnam was split into 2 separate countries north and south then the north attacked the south and after many years of guerrilla warfare the north won then communism spread through out the country and reunification of the country.

In 1954, the Geneva Accords on Indochina stipulated the division of Vietnam.

No, North is communist whereas south is democratic

They all were separated into two separate parts. Korea(North- South) Vietnam(North-South) Germany(East-West)ORA+ - They have all been divided by communismAll three have been split into two countries in their history. Germany has been reunited, as has Vietnam, but Korea is still split.

the 2 countries that split after WW2 is Vietnam and Korea both turned into north and south. both norths were communism and both souths were noncommunism. hope it helps u ^_^

Vietnam was split into to parts, north Vietnam which would be communist, and south Vietnam which would be anti-communist.

Because Vietnam had already split into North and South Korea.

During the Viet War from '55 thru '75, there were two Vietnams: North Vietnam & South Vietnam; they were divided at the 17th parallel.

North Vietnam (Viet Cong) were trying to take over South Vietnam with Communism and a majority of Vietnam didn't like that, so they split the country and warred to keep Chinese Communism out.

North Vietnam persevered over it's Southern counterpart in 1975 with the 'Fall of Saigon' thus unifying the the two countries .

around 1955...after Dienbienphu fell and a multinational conference was held in Geneva they decided to split Vietnam at the seventeenth parallel

Korea. North Korea is communist and South Korea is democratic.

Yes, North Korea and South Korea are two different countries.

Vietnam became a French colony in the 1880s. But in 1954, the Vietnamese won their independence. They agreed with the French to split the country into North and South Vietnam. While the North was governed by communists, the South was governed by non-communists.

The DMZ that seperated North and South Vietnam happened a number of years ago, sometime after the second world war, and it is still in effect today, as the countires are still split.

they split into south and north countries

Well, after the First IndoChina War, Vietnam was split into two countries, North and South. North Vietnam were communists, while south was not. Many people believed in the Domino Theory, or the belief that once Vietnam fell into communism, the rest of SouthEast Asia will asl well. The Vietnam War was considered the Second IndoChina War. The Viet Cong were rebels in South Vietnam and they supported communism as well as the North. The United States supported South Vietnam. Viet Cong would hide in villages in the South which made it hard for the US to win. A saying was "I'd risk 10 of my men for one of yours [United States], but we will still win" The United States failed to win the war, which means SOuth Vietnam fell into communist North.

After the Geneva Conventions in 1954 Vietnam was split into two, North Vietnam (communists) and South Vietnam (democrats). The leader of the North was Ho Chi Minh. The leader of the South was Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem, who was later elected president of South Vietnam; and overthrown by his own general in a coup d'tat in 1963. Nguyen Van Thieu took over, as leader of South Vietnam, for the remainder of the war.

It was split because the North had heavy Communist influence, as the South was Democratic. However, by the end of the war, it was all Communist.

Vietnam a Socialist-oriented market economy.After WWII Vietnam as a whole split and started the Vietnam War because the North started to form a more industrial society and the South was still more agricultural and because of this the North adopted Communism and the South stay Capitalistic

Sudan and Chad are two countries in Africa that have been split by civil war between their Arab Islamic north and their Black traditional south.

VietnamIt was a civil war - North against south. AnswerIt was and it wasn't. It was about the north and south, like America's Civil war, but then in Vietnam the French and then the American's stepped in. What I think though is it was a Civil War until France and America joined in. The reason why the United States helped the French was because they did not want all of Vietnam to become communists. AnswerCIVIL WAR >Definition of CIVIL WAR (merriam webster): a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same countryIt was NOT a Civil War! It was between two completely different countries and two different Governments.The French were in Vietnam before WWII, after that war Vietnam was split into two separate countries. French Colonial South and the North. Ho Che Minh wanted to merge back into one country and the South did not want to. The North had China as it's main Allie the South had the USA and a few other countries.

Both countries contain Korean people. The split between North and South after the war divided families. But other than that, not much.