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contempuary dancing begun in Europe by dancers who started to rebal against rigid constraints of classical Ballet.

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Q: In which countries did contemporary dance begin?
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Related questions

When did contemporary dance begin?

Contemporary means "belonging to the present time". As a consequence contemporary dance is whatever new dances are being developed now or performed now.

What is the age limit to study contemporary dance?

There is no age limit to studying contemporary dance. However, if you begin after 25+ chances of employment after studying are close to none.

What does contemporary dance look like?

Unlike traditions such as ballet, contemporary dance is not associated with specific dance techniques. In contemporary dance, people attempt to explore the natural energy and emotions of their bodies to produce a movements. Contemporary dance is characterized by its versatility.

What period of time does contemporary dance come from?

'Contemporary' means 'Modern' in the context of dance.

When was contemporary dance first invented?

Contemporary dance was invented around about the 1920's

When was London Contemporary Dance School created?

London Contemporary Dance School was created in 1966.

When was City Contemporary Dance Company created?

City Contemporary Dance Company was created in 1979.

When was Contemporary Dance Company of Angola created?

Contemporary Dance Company of Angola was created in 1991.

Where did contemporary dance come from?

There are quite a few places where contemporary dance came from. This sort of dance started in the recital hall as a deviation from classical dance.

When and where did Contemporary dance begin?

blah blah idiot, answer the question properly or not at all i needed the where. it began in the early 20th century

What are famous dance steps in contemporary dance?

there are no steps. its contemporary, its all about feeling and the way you interpret a song.

What is modern contemporary dance?

modern contemporary is a very slow and dramatic type of dance in the dance you do many drags, reaches, leaps, and turns.

What is contemporary dance all about?

Contemporary dance is the name given to a group of concert dance forms. It is a collection of systems and methods developed from modern and postmodern dance and, as such, is not a unique dance technique.

When was Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance created?

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance was created in 1926.

What are the dance involved in contemporary dance?

contemporary means new... therefore, contemporary jazz is the new style of jazz but contemporary is basically a mix of all of the dance styles combined. Mainly, it is a combination of lyrical, jazz and hip-hop. Lyrical being a mix of jazz and ballet. So I guess you could say contemporary dance or modern dance is a mix of all the style combined. (except tap)

Classification of dance?

contemporary danceclassical balletfolk dancemodern danceballroom dance

Are contemporary dance and modern dance the same thing?

Yes x :) but you can also have contemporary ballet which is a modern version of ballet. x

What music do you use for contemporary dance?

contemporary dance can use almost any type of music. its all in the way you dance to it. i feel acoustic works really well.

Who invented contemporary dance?

Isadora Duncan

What country does contemporary dance come from?


What are key features of contemporary dance?

Not sure

A dance that starts with c?

Contemporary, maybe?

Why did contemporary dance evolve?

Contemporary was evolved because dancers wanted to get away from the rigid formations. It is called contemporary dance because if you have a look at ballet it is all turnouts and posture and they made contemporary so it was relaxing and if you look at contemporary dance today there feet are in parallel and they have contractions and release also fall and recover in their movements.

What do you do in contemporary dance?

Contemporary dancing is a dance involving lots of emotion. Most songs that are used are about break-ups or deaths. This dance also useslots of hard and soft movments

How long has contemporary dance been around for?

Contemporary dance has been around for ages. It first started off in the early 1920's