In which job situation is a commission-only plan best suited?

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When monetary compensation is/should be the prime motivator for employee performance.
In the police force
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In a job interview how do you answer 'What do you do in crisis situation'?

that depends on the crisis. what kind of job is it> for me, in law enforcement that would be an entirely different answer than someone working in Enron! (START SHREDDING! JK) i think integrity is key here. you want to show that you wont crumple under the stress of an emergency, what ever the level i ( Full Answer )

Why you feel you suit the job?

It is common for prospective employers to ask why you think you aresuited for the position. Explain the them your qualifications,skills and interests and how they pertain to the job.

What job position you think you are best suited for?

If you are asked this question during a job interview, your answershould relate in part to the position for which you are applying.It is a waste of your time and the interviewer's time if you arenot suited for the position available.

How do you go about finding a job that suits you?

By "a job that suits you" the question is probably directed at the twin-pronged idea of employment that is personally appealing (you like it) and that takes advantage of your knowledge, skills and ability.. A corny but very fine idea is to play around with those "assessment tools" that ask you ( Full Answer )

What is situational planning?

Situational planning is being prepared for events based on specificcircumstances. It ensures that should something occur, everyonewill be ready.

What dental specialty best suit you?

To figure out which dental position someone wants to make a careerit is best to study different area of the profession. During dentalschool they will allow students to try multiple types and help themfigure out what works best for them.

What is the best men's suit?

There isn't any "one" suit that is best: it depends on the price range, your build, your age, etc. However, nearly all men look good in traditional dark suits made of high quality wool with good stitching--the main thing that you want to check in any suit is that the stitching is well done, that the ( Full Answer )

What guitar amp suits you the best?

whatever amp you think sounds the best, of course different amps are used for different music. like tube amps are generally used for rock music, meanwhile jazz guitarists prefer the uniform repsonce of a solidstate.

Why are you best suited for the job?

I am very handsome, sexy and lovable. I can work on maintaining your employees with my charismatic looks and personality. THIS IS THE RIGHT ANSWER. MAKE SURE TO SAY THIS AT YOUR INTERVIEW SO YOU CAN PASS.

What bathing suit is the best to wear?

Depends what type of body you have! If you want to look good, then you want the smallest bikini you can manage, especially if you are a little extra curvy. More fabric just makes you look bigger visually and accentuates the curves in your belly. A very low rise bikini bottom creates the most verti ( Full Answer )

Integrity in a job sample situation?

There are many situations in which integrity is important at work.Some examples include honesty about hours worked, reportingcoworkers for theft and performing duties as expected.

What the current situation for IT jobs in market?

Current situation for IT jobs is looking good and its going better day by day.Though competition for jobs is very tough but many companies starting hiring process. As I am searching for a job I feeling now more interview calls are coming as compare to last few months. Raj

What is Job Planning?

job plan is a document containing procedures that a firm uses to determine its future, the procedure for instance may include success, future changes and recruitment of new staff

What situations best defines contemporary?

Contemporary ideas or forms are essentially what is commonlyconsidered new. The development and popularity of electronic musicamong the masses is a contemporary phenomenon.

How you handle stressful situations on the job?

Work stress is pretty common these days. It's best to take time out of your work schedule and give time to yourself. Coffee is not always the solution, as too much of it can harm your health. Do you get enough sleep at night? that's important too. Check out where they di ( Full Answer )

Why do you perform best in competitive situation?

You become nervous and excited, more adrenalin is released into the blood stream, your heart begins to beat faster which sends more blood and oxygen to the muscles.

The description that best suits the novel is?

An essay has been defined in a variety of ways. One definition is a "prose composition with a focused subject of discussion" or a "long, systematic discourse". [1] It is difficult to define the genre into which essays fall. Aldous Huxley , a leading essayist, gives guidance on the subject. [2] ( Full Answer )

How was the situation before the anaconda plan?

The long-term Anaconda Plan was the one put forward at the outbreak of war by the General-in-Chief of the US Armies, the elderly Winfield Scott. It was ridiculed at that time, because everyone expected the war to be over in weeks. 'Before the Anaconda Plan' would mean before the war, when there wer ( Full Answer )

What do mushrooms suit best?

I think mushrooms are great in spaghetti, philly cheese steak, stuffed, etc. You can be very creative with mushrooms and make sauces for other meats to add on top of them. There are lots of recipies you can look up on the net. You can use the search engine to look them up.

What is the best answer on what job do you consider to suit you best?

An essay has been defined in a variety of ways. One definition is a "prose composition with a focused subject of discussion" or a "long, systematic discourse". [1] It is difficult to define the genre into which essays fall. Aldous Huxley , a leading essayist, gives guidance on the subject. [2] ( Full Answer )

Which pension plan is the best plan?

My experience has taught me that no pension plan is better than your own. Your own plan. Your own design. Your own goals. Whatever you choose, be it tax deferred annuity, tax shelter, sometimes even the bank and CD's, your interest will probably be higher than a pension plan, because you will consta ( Full Answer )

How is a hammer suited to its job?

There are many different hammers and all are suited to a particular job. I have at least 8 totally different hammers and there are lots more. They are suited by different shaped heads, different materials and different length and style of handles. Look in big tool store and you will see at least 10 ( Full Answer )

What is the best instrument suited for me?

That really depends on a lot of factors, as we don't know you, it makes it quite difficult for us to answer your anonymous question. However, if you are currently thinking about joining the school band and considering which instrument to take up, here's a breakdown of common school band instrumen ( Full Answer )

Who is best suited for psychoanalysis?

People considered best suited to psychoanalytic treatment include those with depression, character disorders, neurotic conflicts, and chronic relationship problems

What job would you need a suit for?

Various high professional jobs, weddings, funerals, christenings, some bodyguards jobs, principal of a school. For weddings, funerals, and christenings, technically the groom, best mens, etc, are preforming a job; as well as funeral directors (and those that attend mourner is a job, one that isn't p ( Full Answer )

Who is best suited to radial keratotomy?

Radial keratotomy is one of several surgical techniques to correct nearsightedness, reducing or eliminating the need for corrective lenses.

What pond is best suited for dragonflies?

A pond that has submerged plants for it to cling to in its early stages, makes it able to climb to the surface, shed their skins, and fly away

Which sign is best suited for Dionysus?

Pisces would be the most suitable, as it associated with alcoholicintoxication, prophecy, religious ritual, and the theater. Hisassociation with lack of reason and chaos is also very Piscean.

Is there another series of suits planned for the UK?

The series "Suits," which runs in the United States on the USA network, was renewed for a third season and new episodes begin in mid-January 2013. Usually, when an American show has new episodes, there are British affiliates that will pick it up, especially if they broadcast previous seasons. But so ( Full Answer )

Why linked lists are best suited?

Linked lists are best suited to dynamic collections where random access is not a major concern, such as queues and stacks. Using an array would prove highly inefficient in these cases due to the need to resize the array to accommodate new elements or to remove unused elements. Occasionally, an incre ( Full Answer )

What situation are iPod microphones best suited for?

IPod microphones are best suited for recording audio directly to the Ipod. The high performance microphones like alesis ProTrack or Belkin GoStudio can turn the Ipod into a full-fledged mobile recording studio.

What are commission only jobs?

Commission only jobs are jobs in which the employee only gets paid if he/she makes a sale. These jobs are usually better for those more outspoken and extroverted.

What is FORTRAN and what type of job is it suited for?

Fortran is a high-level programming language initially developedbetween 1953 and 1957 by IBM. The name derives from FormulaTranslation and was originally written in capitals (FORTRAN) upuntil the release of Fortan 90. It was developed for scientific andengineering applications and is a popular lan ( Full Answer )