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A violet candle is lit on each of the first two Sundays of Advent, the pink candle on the third Sunday, the last violet candle on the fourth Sunday, and the white one on Christmas.

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Q: In which order is an advent wreath lit?
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When are the four candles in an Advent Wreath lit?

The first candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent. Each succeeding Sunday an additional candle is lit until all four are lit on the forth Sunday of Advent.

Where do you put the Advent Wreath in a Catholic Church?

There are no "rules" regarding the placement of the Advent Wreath; however, it should be placed in a prominent place so it can be easily lit.

What does the second candle on the advent wreath represent?

The candle is lit one by one to represent the 4 days of advent.

Why do people have Advent candles?

Candles are placed on an Advent wreath and are lit sequentially to count down the four weeks of Advent which immediately precede Christmas.

What is a German Adventskrans?

It is an advent wreath. Each Sunday before Christmas a candle on the wreath is lit to celebrate the time leading up to Christmas.

What is the fifth candle on the advent wreath?

There is no fifth candle on an Advent wreath. An Advent wreath contains four candles, one for each Sunday of Advent. If there is a fifth candle in it, it stands for Christmas, but then it is no longer an Advent wreath.

When do you put up an Advent Wreath?

The Advent Wreath is put up on the first Sunday of Advent.

What does the evergreens mean in the advent wreath?

What dose the evergreens mean in the advent wreath

When do you light the candles on the Advent Wreath?

The Advent Wreath candles are lit one each on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, the season of Advent. There are three purple & one pink. 1st Sunday in Advent light purple, 2nd Sunday in Advent light purple, 3rd Sunday in Advent light Pink, 4th Sunday in Advent light Purple (all 4 candles are now lit). These candles represent Faith, Hope, Joy & Love.

What are the order of colors in the advent wreath?

Purple, purple, pink, purple.

What does the third candle symbolizes?

The third candle on the Advent wreath is for joy. It is lit on what is known as Gaudete Sunday, and that means joy.

What does lighting the candles represent on an Advent wreath?

Each candle on an Advent wreath represents one of the Sundays of Advent. A candle is lighted at the beginning of Mass on that Sunday. An Advent wreath in the home is lite for whatever reason that person has an Advent wreath. They are not an official liturgical thing.

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